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This is my first blog, first blog post, first blog anything.  I have never really been a “with the times” kind of person.   This blog however I find to be a necessity, in communicating ideas in an easier to digest format.  I will probably make mistakes along the way as I learn, which is fine.  One of my favorite quotes is by Mark Twain, “good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment.”  🙂

I welcome any feedback to help make this blog better.

Now to the basics

I am a  fitness coach.  For those wondering what the difference is between a fitness coach and a personal trainer, I will get to that in future posts.  If only to help others avoid the mistake of hiring the wrong person for their health and fitness needs.  Understand there is nothing wrong with being a personal trainer.  Too often though the names get interchanged.  I have seen many a trainer claiming to be a coach, and many a coach mistakenly calling themselves a trainer.  A mistake I made for many years.

My goal is to write a blog article 3x a week.  One day dedicated to exercise, one day dedicated to nutrition, and one day dedicated to questions from clients, gym members, family and friends.  IF I have no questions, it will just be my own miscellaneous thoughts and views regarding health and life.

Finally let me just state for the record.  Nothing, and I do mean nothing I state here will be cutting edge.

I feel no shame in stating this because in my experience 90% of what get’s put out as health media is not cutting edge. Merely retooling or reapplication of principles we knew and either forgot about, or forgot to emphasize to the public for a while.  Frankly, unless someone is running a lab study right now, they are not cutting edge.  My aim is common sense, which as the saying goes is not always so common.

My hope is that this blog helps others to filter through all they hype and hyperbole that goes on in health and fitness today, and allows them to live healthier and more balanced lives.

So greetings to all, and welcome to my journey

Coach W


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