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Random thought:  Why do people try to sabotage fitness goals?

Is it insecurity?  Envy?  A malicious nature?

I have come to accept it, but never really gave much thought about where it comes from.  Let me explain.

I have a  new client who is committed to losing fat and seeing results.  And things are going well.   Acknowledging her focus on her goals I advised her to be ready for when people try to sabotage her goals.

She was, no surprise, taken aback by this statement.

“What do you mean sabotage?”

I then explained to my client that as she begins on her journey toward a leaner healthier body, someone, either her friends,  family,  coworker, someone will try to get her to end her journey.  Or at least step outside the lines.

They will offer her sweets, snacks, drinks, they will tell her “come on just have one.”

They will offer to reward her for her hard work with an ice cream treat or mixed drink.

When that doesn’t work they will get judgmental or sarcastic, “uh, do you have to eat healthy all the time?”

This will go back and forth of course with encouragement and compliments about how well she’s doing, then they will go back to tempting her once again.

The funny thing is I subscribe to a philosophy of  allotted cheat meals.  If she is on track with the rest of her meals she can have her splurge.  And she plans accordingly to have and enjoy them without guilt.

This is the cycle every person who truly wants to make a change must go through.  And once she has gone through the work and the effort and achieved her goal.  Those same people will start asking her for advice on what they should do to lose weight, or gain some muscle tone.

It never fails, I have heard it from many a client.  I wish I could explain why it happens with scientific certainty, but I only have studied the basics in regards to psychology.  I’m sure there is a name for such a thing.

For now I leave it to being part of human nature, and encourage those of you who have made real commitments to your health to be ready when these tempters come calling.

I honestly don’t believe they do it out of malice, or bad intent.  Well some do it to get a rise out of you, but I’m not counting them.

SO when it happens.  Merely smile, say no thanks, and go back to your path.  Eventually they will get the hint and accept they can’t tempt you.  And maybe, just maybe, you will inspire them to take the journey with you.

Best health

Coach W


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