random fitness thoughts: disconnection

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What causes the disconnect?

It’s one of those things that never ceases to puzzle me.  The disconnect people have with their health and fitness.  I remember back when I worked at a big box gym watching the people trying to find parking.  Now there were spaces available, just none that were close.  Our dear sweet members seemed intent on finding the closest spot to the gym, so they could get inside quickly, and walk on a machine that goes absolutely nowhere.  On a busy night they would wait in line to do it.

I was talking with a client the other day about the experiences they were going through, which I enjoy.  It gives me a renewed insight in to the mindsets of those who I do not get to interact with.  I have recently put together a food journal so my clients and I can be on the same page.  And when my client mentioned the food journal to a friend she responded that she also had recently started a food journal.  This young lady than asked my client a question, “do you write everything in your food journal?”

Now my client was stunned by this question.  Why would someone keep a food journal, and not write down what they eat?  I explained that with some people, they have what I call a disconnect.  They have not yet realized that they are only cheating themselves.  There is no miracle drug, magic bullet, that is going to come around that allows you to skip making an effort.

Another client told me about a reality show, they saw.

For the record, I don’t have cable, and I no longer watch regular TV.  I watch a few shows on Hulu, and Netflix movies on the weekend.  Outside that I do cray things like read, go outside, and enjoy other people’s company.  But I digress, I merely wanted to explain why I am getting my tv show info second hand.

So on this reality show the idea, I gather is like a spin-off of the ‘Biggest Loser’ concept.  Where a person loses a large amount of weight.  The selected individuals are followed around by a camera crew all day.

On a specific episode, a lady who was selected was coming in every day to workout, but wasn’t changing her eating habits at all.  And when she didn’t see results, she complained to the trainer.  This is a disconnect that as a coach you always have to be ready for.  The woman is being followed by cameras, and still can be so bold as to complain about not getting results, when she is obviously the culprit holding herself back.  Imagine what some clients do who are not being followed by cameras.

Eventually the woman got on track, but never once did she openly admit she was cheating on the diet, and cheating herself.  This is the disconnect.

When you take the elevator to go up or down one floor instead of the stairs, barring physical injury or a disability, that’s a disconnect.

When you talk about losing weight, and look for the closest parking spot every time, that’s a disconnect.

When you want a superstar body, but want to eat junk food whenever you want.  Actually that’s delusional.  But it’s also a disconnect.

So what causes this disconnect?

Is it because technology has moved us to a point where we only look at convenience of life, not quality.

Is it because we emphasized a PC world where you get a trophy for trying as opposed to succeeding?

Who knows.  But if you or someone you know is seriously talking about accomplishing health or fitness goals.  First and foremost, the connection has to be present.  Otherwise we end up with a picture that though may be funny.  Does not bode well for future health.

Best Health,

Coach W


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