One ring to rule them all

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I’m not sure what to call this post

Life is sports & Sports is life

I love MMA

I love Sports

The evolution of sport life

Darwin’s theory of Sport industry

I think I will just write and see what comes to me.  Or if any one has a suggestion, please feel free to share.

For those that don’t know I am an MMA fan.  And a fairly dedicated UFC fan.  I have a special place in my heart for the UFC organization, since because of them I now have a family I love.  But that is a blog for another time.

As of today Zuffa, the parent company for UFC has bought their last major competitor Strikeforce, and established themselves as the MMA organization in North America.  Obviously for certain MMA fans this is exciting news, for others it is depressing news, but what I can’t understand is why this is surprising news.  But then my background and perspective is a bit different from the usual fan.

When I pursued by Sports Medicine degree I attended a private university that had a big emphasis on “well-rounded” education.  Which means along with my usual courses of Anatomy and Kinesiology, I was expected to take courses in Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology.  When I first heard this I was a bit turned off by it, but grew to appreciate the methods of thinking the course provided, especially sociology.

This is why as a fitness coach, I love MMA.

As the sport evolves so does the training involved with it.  In a recent scientific journal I saw a study about the form of muscle contraction which happens in a MMA roundhouse kick and what it means.  And the proper strength and conditioning approach to utilize and improve upon the efficiency of the needed repeated contraction in sports performance.  Which relates to a training technique found in Silat, an indigenous fighting art form, which a colleague of mine believe is the answer and . . . sorry.  I’m a big fitness nerd and get really excited about the relation of scientific study to sport.  Where was I?  Oh yes, sociology.

If one looks at the history of sport in general you find there are two paths it takes.  Eventually it comes under one roof, or narrows down to a few main roofs.  The same things happens in government if you haven’t noticed.  There are advantages and disadvantages to both sides and to debate them would take to long, so I will merely share my opinion and how this relates to fitness and finding a proper coach.

In the long run, the takeover is best for the sport.  Having the top fighters under the same roof will eliminate debate, confusion, and back biting.  It also negates the idea of fighters ducking other fighters to preserve a legacy or win streak.  Yes there is a loss of perspective and freedoms I’m sure.  But like the other sport organizations as the fighters are unified under one house, so will come a unity of fight schools and mark my words as I believe I will be the first to make this statement:

Eventually there will be a MMA athletes union.

This will be done either through the major schools or the athletes themselves.  But given the fast evolution of the sport.  We will have within the next 10 years an MMA union.  Thus restoring the balance.

The reason this is a good thing is because otherwise you have a situation like boxing where you can have three different guys calling themselves the champion of the world in the same weight class.  And thus the usual anarchy, confusion, back biting, etc.

So how does this relate to fitness coaching?

Because once you have chosen a coach, you need to listen to that coach and only that coach.

I’m not saying your coach’s word should be the end all be all, and you should never question.  I am saying if you want success there needs to be one coach guiding you, not multiple.

Too often people will start with a coach or trainer and take the information they give them, and then run it by “committee.”  This committee can include themselves, their boyfriend/girlfriend, wife/husband, roommate, friend, cousin, doctor, health food store clerk, friend of a friend who used to be a trainer, etc.  This is just silly.

I know certain coaches who have set specific policies that state if they ever hear from any one but their client about the routine or nutrition program they are on.  The relationship is over.

There has to be a unified vision in order to build a unified trust.  If there is a medical issue, you should be talking to your coach about it not your doctor.  If there is a news article that came u,p and you wonder if you should change your routine; you should be calling your coach not your significant other.  And if you don’t feel comfortable talking to your coach about it, or don’t see yourself ever feeling open to talking about it.  You should find a different coach who you do feel you can trust.  This is your health, your results, your investment.  Place your faith with someone who you feel is worth it.

Obviously there is a double-sided sword that goes along with this choice.  It is very easy to be sweet talked in to trusting a trainer with a good marketing spiel.  So my recommendation is this.  Any one who tells they can get you over night results easily, or some “lose 30 lbs in 30 days” nonsense.  Best to stay away.  Anything of value takes an effort.

So shop around, find a qualified coach you can trust, and once you do trust them.  Commit to the work, communicate your concerns, and gain your results.  Find that unified vision and path.  It works for multi-million dollar and billion dollar industries.  And since your health is worth just as much if not more.  It will work for you.

You know what?  I think I just came up with a title for this blog.  One that appeals to my sport side as well as my nerd side.  🙂

Best Health,

Coach W


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