Training Journal II

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3/18/2011                    part 2


OK, so I have chosen to work on my personal max strength before going into working directly on my lift mechanics.


To maintain general conditiong I have chosen to the calisthenics I did back when I wrestled regularly.  Bridges, Hindu and dive bomber push-ups, body weight squats.


I actually like bridging a lot.  It works the body as a unit.  And as long as you progress your time and technique slowly it minimizes chance of injury.


Plus, I have a theory about the utilization of proper bridge work in relation to the network of fascia connections within the body.  which then relates to overall performance and work efficiency of the muscle.  It’s one of three ideas I’m hoping to do a thesis on, when I have the funds to set up my research.  Moving on.


I will do the push-up variations, because it will allow me to utilize and condition the muscles of my upper back for pulls, without increasing issues for my elbows.


And squats because the body is functioning unit which works together and . . . well, there really is no excuse for not training your legs.  I have no intention of looking like a Flexingo.


To work on my maximal strength I will use a linear progression on weighted pull-ups.  For the shoulders I will work up to a max standing dumbbell shoulder press of 100 lbs each hand.  My current max is 85lb.  I will jump start this by doing a variation of the Smolov lift routine with my standing press.  I’ll explain what that is in another


I am actually already half way through this set up

Yesterday I did some bridgework

45 Hindu push-ups

90 Squats


Then later did weighted pull-ups

2 sets of 5 (2×5)

1st set  55lb dumbbell (DB)

2nd set 45lb


Today is a shoulder training day and I skipped the calisthenic work.

7×5  – 75lb DB

and I will hit the pull ups again with the same weight.


So far things are working fine.

Since I am not as active as I would consider my ‘usual’ I am keeping my caloric intake on a controlled cycle.


Nobody wants a fat-loss coach who can’t keep their own waistline in a reasonable area  :).



OK, hopefully I will keep this up



Best Health

Coach W


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