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3/18/2011 part 1

After writing my previous blog, I thought about something.


Why don’t fitness bloggers/writers write about what they do?


They write out workouts sure, but it’s never really what they are doing currently.  At best it’s a workout they used to do.  So I thought I’d give it a try, who knows maybe we’ll learn something together.


OK,  so my personal goals revolve around improving overall strength.  My usual health markers are all in good standing.  And I have set myself the long-term goal of being able to do a one-armed pull-up, and a one-armed handstand push-up.


Now to assess myself.


Like I mentioned before, my current health markers are good.  I normally get 8 hrs of sleep, it helps to not have cable.  so recovery is decent.  I use public transport, so that adds a bit of stress.

I don’t have any serious physical limitations with range-of-motion, flexibility, and my strength is decent.

The challenge I see is being strong enough to overcome the leverage issues.

As far as body structure goes I am slightly shorter in the torso and longer in the legs and arms.  this is good for deadlifting, but not for upper body exercises as far as progress goes.   Not to mention my height and weight will slow down my ability to progress.

For comparison, take Dominc Lacasse, the world record holder for doing a “human flag.”


My understanding is Dominic is 5’7″, 165 lbs.  I am 5’10”, 205 lbs fully clothed.  This is not an excuse as there are professional gymnasts my height.  But there is a reason most top gymnasts, acrobats, or break dancers known for their bodyweight athletics, are closer to Dominic’s height.

Now since I do not have an extensive gymnastic history I will have to build up my body control as well.


Now ultimately we are talking about strength, and just like any professional lifter will tell you.  You can not get better at a maximal lift by just doing that lift.  Reason being because of body mechanics, daily habits, our bodies have ways of compensating and overcompensation.  So though we think we may be using all our muscles equally for their roles, a lot of time we are not.


In Powerlifting they call these them accessory exercises.  They are ways to improve weaknesses in a maximal lift.  And for everybody it’s different.  So if your grip gives out in your deadlift you might use wrist rollers, farmers walks, or Kroc Rows.  Knees buckle in on your squat.  We might use good mornings or reverse low back extensions.

Now due to previous set backs before I start doing direct work on getting to these lifts, I want to improve my overall maximal strength.  I have found especially on pulls when my reps go past 25 on a regular basis, or a total volume past 100 I can expect some elbow aches.  So I don’t want to do too much volume working on the one-armed chin-up.  I do want to increase my intensity slowly, and allow time for recovery.


This is going to run long so I will break this up into parts.



Best Health,

Coach W


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