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I thought I’d add  a few more body identities or Bodentities to my blog.  As I have witnessed a few.


First Bodentity, the flexingo


The flexingo is a unique bird.  Commonly found in gyms where bodybuilding style training is prevalent among the men.  However unlike the serious bodybuilding advocate, the flexingo is notoriously known for not training his legs.

He will do voluminous sets for his chest back and arms.  To the point of excess so he can “feel the pump.”  He typically has full muscular development all through his upper body.  But in comparison to his legs he looks like a bowling ball on sitting on golf clubs.

Like many birds he has his common calls like “what’s your bench,” “I need to peak my biceps,” and the ever classic “it’s all you!”


Side note:  The use of these terms does not mean you are a flexingo.  But you do have flexingo tendencies


The most common trait of a true flexingo, is that they never show their legs, EVER.  It could be 100 degrees outside and they will wear a stringy tank top and longs pants.  This shows that though a flexingo may feign ignorance, they know what they should be doing.  Which is what makes the whole situation, quite sad

When one sees a lean, ripped flexingo it is almost like looking at car crash.  You want to look away but you can’t.  Occasionally you run across the rare breed pot-bellied flexingo.  These extremely rare birds are a wonder of nature.  As one can not help but wonder, how did that happen?


How to avoid being a flexingo

  • Train your legs.  I’m not saying you have to go Smolov on them.  But you need to train your legs, the long pants aren’t fooling anybody
  • Train in balance.  If you do more sets for your biceps or pecs than you do for your thighs you have a problem
  • Recognize Anatomy.  Your legs are approximately 2/3 of your muscle mass, and half your weight.  IF you are looking to grow in size, strength, stamina, or a combination of the three you can not neglect your legs
  • Wear shorts.  Give yourself a constant reminder of what you should be working on.  It is said Arnold Schwarzenegger  had under-developed calves.  And to force himslef to train them properly he cut the legs off all his long pants.  It made him a target of teasing, but it lit the fire needed to work on his legs.


In short, train your body in balance, and don’t be a Flexingo



Best Health,

Coach W


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