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I was reminded of this one as I was listening to the radio in a friends car.  And a person won a major prize, her reaction was funny and then awkward.  Which is standard for Scroaners


Scroaners are the ones who make a lot of noises when they workout.  Could be grunts, growls, screams, groans, and sometimes sounds that defy definition.

Male Scroaners usually justify their sounds by saying in some major fitness magazine, some major top bodybuilder that no one outside of bodybuilding cares about does the same thing.


This may be true, but it still does not justify the action.  A lot of the time these work out sounds, are a result of breathing without any form of control.  And taking some thought in to the rhythm of their breathing will not only solve this issue, but in my experience increases the strength of their lifts.

With controlled breathing comes focus, this focus allows you to put more effort into your workout, and reap greater benefit.


Now if you find yourself grunting or groaning on the last couple rep,s on your last set, as you try to squeeze them out, don’t worry, you’re not a scroaner.  This is more so the status quo.  But if you are audibly groaning every single rep of your workout.  Something is off.  Very often with scroaners there are certain exercises that elicit the biggest response.


The most awkward scroaner situation is the female night-sounds scroaner.  The problem is not only is this awkward for gym members, approaching this particular type with advice can be an extremely touchy subject.


I personally remember a female client at a gym I once worked, who on every rep of her leg press moaned like she was . . well . . let’s just say they weren’t gym sounds.


At first it was humorous, but then wore off quickly as you could see how awkward it was making gym members.  It finally came to a point that myself, and a few other trainers, had to sit down with her trainer and tell him, he can’t put her on the leg press anymore.


How to avoid being a scroaner:

  • Breathe.  It may sound silly to put it that simple, but yeah breathe.
  • Work on breathing technique.  Conscious breathing under stress takes time to get used to.  First focus on breathing out when exerting force, and breathing in when you are reducing exertion.  For example on a chest press or push-up.  Breathe out as you push out, breathe in as your hands come back level with the chest.  On a lat-pulldown, breathe in as the bar comes up, breathe out as you pull it down.
  • Breathe from the diaphragm.  A lot of breathing issues come from breathing shallow.  Learn to breathe from your diaphragm.  It will benefit your workouts and potentially your life.


For the record like all the bodentities I share.  Very few people are purely one thing.  We are all a mix.  And there is nothing wrong with being any bodentity.  These are merely the varieties of personalities you see in the gym that make it fun.


Best Health

Coach W


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