If only I had no morals . . . part 2

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OK, so in our new diet book we have just entered our phase 2.

Please note I have made no mention of what to eat or counting calories.  Mainly because in order to have a successful selling diet book, I have to give the impression you can either now or later eat whatever you want and still lose weight.  Which is technically true. But manipulating the macro-nutrients, eliminating liquid calories, and adding in an “easy, no equipment, who needs a gym or a trainer, or a doctor” work out routine, makes it lot easier to see results.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Back to the macro-nutrients.

Here’s a fun fact, you don’t eat variety.  Really you don’t.  And if I wasn’t a moral person I could write a book to exploit that.

Try this, keep a food journal for a few weeks.  Once done, take a count of the different types of foods you eat, and what you drink.  Chances are you eat and drink the same 20 things.  I have done many a food journal with a client and I have yet to see this change.  So when I put you on my ‘miracle diet plan’ with the elimination phase, you eliminate foods from that list.  And you will be very unlikely to replace those foods with anything else immediately because it will be outside your comfort zone.  Combine this with the fact that the combination of protein and fat is quite filling.  And once restricted eating the same things over and over will get repetitive boring and cause you to eat less.  Again ‘miracle’ weight loss.

Now we add in a workout routine.  Since we did not reduce your caloric intake, merely replaced the carbs with more protein, you should be able to do a decent workout routine.This where I use terms like functional training, High intensity training, or the latest ‘muscle confusion’ 😛

I won’t use anything complicated, because for this short period I won’t have to.  I just need to get enough volume using full body movements like squats, push-ups, deadlifts, planks, to increase the caloric deficit and help you ‘maintain’ muscle mass while your body burns fat.  I’ll also make this a 30 minute half hour routine they do 5 days a week.  This helps to increase the odds of success, since I have yet to see a study where a restricted diet and 5 days a week of exercise did not result in weight loss.

This also gives me an out if the reader doesn’t see incredible results.  I can just say they didn’t push themselves during the workout like it was designed.  Don’t you just love those unconscious disclaimers? 🙂

OK now we have 33 days left, *gasp* again the magic or power of 3.

Now we go back to our earlier calculation.  For a bodybuilding contest this means we take our depletion of carbs and divide them over the days up until three days before the contest day.  Based on earlier math that would be adding 3-4g of carbs a day each day until we are back at normal intake for a contest.

I can’t put that in a book, way to complicated  ;).  Instead I will tell the person to add 15 g of carbs each week till they are at 120g of carbs a day.   This allows me to keep them in lowered calorie zone, with depleted carbs.  But now they feel better about it.

Before they were depleted by the diet and work out.  Now once they reach 120g it will feel like a mental feast.

Then I add in some things about staying at 120g of carbs for another few weeks to ‘reset’ the body to its new shape.  Again allowing me to reap the quick loss benefits of a lower carb diet.  So let’s do the math, 40 days is about 6 weeks.  A person can lose up to 2lbs of fat a week, count that and with some water loss and I could have a potential 20 lb loss on my ‘miracle’ diet.  All I need are a few people to do it and stick to the maintenance phase a couple of weeks after that.  with the additional weeks I could have a 24-30lb weight loss. Add in a little before/after photo magic and post them as photos on my book.

Now when I post the photos I don’t put on the caption, that the results shown are from people doing the program for 8 weeks as opposed to the designed 6.  I just state that they got fabulous results on my program.  Which they did.

For those who may get the wrong idea, let me be clear, I am speaking hypothetically and having a little fun with the reported diet industry.  If you look at the details of my planned diet book, all I am doing is getting a person to eat less and move more.

Is long-term permanent weight loss a little more in-depth than this, yes.  But a diet book is about immediate results for the general population.  Totally different goal.  Whether you keep the weight off is irrelevant, if you lose weight than they are a success.

For the time being I think I’ll stick to helping lose weight and improve their fitness for the long-term.  Also improving their health.  But I guess I’m just silly that way.

Best Health,

Coach W


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