If only I had no morals . . .

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Sometimes I wish I had no morals.  Honestly I do.

It doesn’t last long, but working in the fitness industry for the amount of time that I have, I can’t help but wonder, “wow, if I had no morals I would be so much richer.”

I really would.

I could have done at least 2 infomercials and a diet book by now, maybe even a franchise.

For the record, my latest random thought has been inspired by recent celeb gossip someone shared with me.  Again I have to get this second-hand, because a lot of my free time is filled with thing like reading books, and I just can’t find time to keep up 😉

Any way, apparently there is a “new” low carb diet making the scene.  My understanding is the new bride-to-be for the Prince of England or Wales or some country, like I said I don’t keep up.  Apparently she is using the Dukan diet to get in shape for the sure to be paparazzi-riddled wedding day.

I was curious so I looked it up.  And it’s the same low carb diet you have been hearing about.  Could some one please explain to me why this is news?!

So again I started searching online to find out what the big deal was and it was the same old back and forth fear-mongering I’ve heard about low carb eating.

” . . . too much salt, and not enough vitamin C,  and such, not enough fiber . . . an increased risk of cancer and heart disease,  . . . hard on your kidneys . . .”

I read this and I can’t help but think, ‘no wonder no one takes my profession seriously.’

On one side we have Dr. Dukan, who is basically repackaging the work of Atkins, Sears, Eades, Ravnskov, etc.  And selling it too make more money.  And on the other side you have your RDA advocates spouting off half-truth views which have yet to be proven to have any bearing for a generally healthy person.

Yes, if you have a pre-existing kidney issue, you should watch what you eat.  But if your kidneys are fine, eat as much protein as you want.  As long as you do it in balance to your other nutrients.

Too much salt?  This could be debated.  There are those who believe our aversion to salt may be based on too much table salt or NaCl, added to our foods, not the natural sodium content of foods.

The cancer and heart disease has yet to be definitively proven.

Lacking certain vitamins or fiber?  OK, I will give you that one.  When you narrow your eating habits down to just skinless turkey, chicken breast, low-fat beef, or fish, plus 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran daily and “loads” of water.  You are definitely depriving yourself, but my understanding that this is only the “first phase.”

There are four apparently.

Oh, and it’s such a breakthrough because you lose weight without having to exercise much.  After all who wants to do all that sweating and exertion.  Well you do 20 min of cardio a day.  But really, on this extreme of a low carb diet, you’re not going to want to exercise anyway.  Chances are you are not going to want to move.  Not because the fat and protein won’t give you energy, it will give you some.  Because most people who switch to a low carb diet, end up decreasing their caloric intake.

So you are reducing your total amount of fuel (calories), and the most immediate source of energy for your body(Carbohydrates).  Yeah, 20 min of cardio is all you are going to want to do.

All this is, is an elimination diet.  With a low carb spin.

You could do this with anything.  Anything.

Give you an example, another version of elimination diet I heard of is called the “green faces” trick

For the first few weeks of your diet you follow 3 rules

  1. Anything that has a face (fish, fowl, beef) or will grow to have a face (eggs) eat it
  2. Anything green (plants, veggies, herbs) eat it
  3. Anything that is not green or doesn’t have a face don’t eat it.

Not only would this get you immediate results, but it will allow you enough energy to actually gain some muscle tone while you lose the fat.

Want another one?

How about a supplement based elimination diet.  You could do the Velocity Diet popularized by Chris Shugart.  2-3 Weeks on the shakes and supplements  only with 1 solid meal per week.   Again you can work out, so you actually maintain muscle and lose fat.  It even comes with a designed workout for you.

Don’t misunderstand, I have nothing against Dukan personally.  But I get a bit annoyed with this repackaging of the same ideas over and over again.

It’s nothing but understood principles, being shined up to look like they are some miracle breakthrough or new celeb secret for losing weight.  But really is as simple as two things.

Elimination diet reduces calories, low carb diet reduces the amount of water stored in the body, viola’ instant weight loss.

As I mentioned before if I was a less moral person I would repackage my old bodybuilding diet and sell that as the newest low carb/ workout/ instant fat loss craze book.  It’s nothing new either just a simple carb depletion/reload plan.  I used it back when I did my first bodybuilding contest in high school.

See if this sounds similar to any ‘diet’ book you have heard of.

It’s done over a period of 30-60 days.  First time I did it was over roughly 30 days.  We’ll say 40 days though.  This way it allows for the 21 days it takes to formulate a new habit.  Plus if they don’t make it all 40 days (which many won’t), I can blame the reader and say they didn’t stick to the plan if they don’t get the results I promised.

First you track your current caloric intake.  We could call this the analysis phase :).  I could add in all kinds of self-help terminologies.  Maybe some spiritual references.  Encourage meditation or deep breathing sessions to build your ‘oxidation levels’ so you can burn fat more efficiently.  Encourage looking at their inner self.  Who they want to be.  Envision success.  Things like that.

All valid, but in this type of scenario I would be using it as filler to add pages to the book.

Once we have tracked for 3 days we take an average of how many grams of carbs, and protein.

Next the carb-depletion, or food elimination.  But to sound scientific I will use words like ketosis.  Or to be more “user-friendly” I will say things like ‘now we build our fat burning furnace’ or ‘cleansing phase.’  All we do now is take the number of carbs we were taking and reduce it to a third of that.  so if a person was taking in 176 g of carbs a day.

  • 176 x (.33) = 58.08

To really sell this I can emphasize how I came upon this “magic number calculation” to get results.  Maybe I was led by an inner feeling, I can lay hints it may have been divinely sent to me to help others.  Or go the opposite route and say how I delved through decades of research truth long ignored by the powers that be.  The truth of course will be that most people go into a ketogenic  state (meaning they deplete their stored glycogen and begin using more fat for fuel) if they limit their carbs to 120 per day.  So as long as the person isn’t eating 400g of carbs a day.  I’m pretty safe.  And even if they are, chances are it comes from liquid calories.

I’ll just say during this cleansing time as we rebuild their body they should only drink water to cleanse their body of unnecessary toxins.  I could even say only drink water with 4oz of pure cranberry juice or the juice of a lemon to really add in the “cleansing aspect.”  Thus cutting back the additional calories and carbs.

Again nothing being said here is ‘wrong’ just spun.  Many citrus fruits (like lemons) carry the phytochemical d-limonene, which acts as a liver tonic and assists in digestion by clearing the detoxification pathways and helping the liver produce more bile.  And  cranberries provide nutritional support through phytonutrients (anthocyanins, catechins, luteins, and quercetin) for the liver’s detoxification pathways.

And by eliminating liquid calories, I reduce the caloric intake and increase the likeliness of them losing weight.

This is actually quite fun, but I will need to break this in to 2 parts to finish

to be continued . . .

Best Health

Coach W


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