training log 3/22-23

Posted on March 23, 2011. Filed under: Training Journal |


weighted pull-ups

  • 1×5 50lb
  • 1×5 40lb



weighted pull-up

  • 1×5 55lb
  • 1×5 45lb


Definitely staring to feel the added load and volume with the standing press.  It’s amazing really, how it affects the nervous system.  A lot of people really don’t think about how our body works as a unified being.  They often mistakenly think of working out as the muscula system only.  Noe realizing the tax they place on thier nervous system.  Add in the additional stresses of the day being mismanaged, and you could really throw off your recovery.

Sleeping the same amount, but I’m noticeably less alert.  Normally wake up on my own around 745, now I’m getting up at 830.  Will need to go to bed earlier and see how I feel.  But so far the weights are moving in the direction I want.


If I intend to do this with a client though, I will have to be aware of it’s effects on their nervous system, and watch for signs of overreaching.




Best Health,

Coach W


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