No supplementation without representation.

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“I thought you didn’t believe in supplements?”

This was a very odd statement for me to hear.  I was discussing with a client, a female client, how she would use creatine and ZMA, nothing special.  But a member at the gym thought this was odd.

Apparently in the members extensive eavesdropping.  they had heard me tell many a client not to take supplements, and thus had drawn the conclusion I was anti-supplement.  Which is a common conclusion, if one eavesdrops on my conversations.

Side Note:  You can not gleam off of my 10+ years of knowledge and experience in sound bites.  Nor does this work with any solid health professional.  If you need help ask, if you have a budget be honest, and still ask.  I have yet to know a single respectable health professional who will not take a few minutes out of their day to answer a few questions.  Just understand they do this for a living, and trying to get a routine for free is disrespectful to both them, and their clients who pay.  I have known quite  a few willing to barter though 😉

Any way, I explained to the member I see supplements the same way I see fancy exercise equipment.  Do I need it?  No.  Does having it make certain things easier for certain clients?  Yes.  Just like having various tools in your toolbox for different jobs.  So should supplements be applied to a goal.

What I am not in favor of is jumping in to using supplements before you have even tried to eat healthy.  This is for various reasons:

  • How can you know you need a supplement till you know what you are  getting from your food?
  • How do you know just changing your eating habits won’t do the job? (professional athletics excluded)
  • How do you know the supplement will fit your lifestyle?
  • How do you know the supplement will fit your budget?

I remember sitting in awe when I observed a trainer sit down with a potential client.  And based on the client’s described goal, without even asking what the eating habits were like, gave a laundry list of supplements the client “needed to get results.”  Did I mention the trainer got a commission for supplement sales?

Since majority of my clients are fat-loss oriented.  More often than not, an adjustment of eating habits results in the majority of results.  So I see no reason to even discuss the use of supplements until they get their eating habits under control.  Because if we don’t only one of two things can happen.

  1. They won’t see any results, because they have not made the appropriate lifestyle changes.
  2. Any results they do see will disappear, once they go off the supplements.  Because they have not made the appropriate lifestyle changes

Supplements are not miracle solutions, magic bullets, and despite how certain ignorant segments of the media may portray items like creatine, they are NOT the same thing as steroids.

They are products derived from the extracts of food and herbs.  This does not mean they can not be detrimental taken in excess or outside of original designs.  But anything taken in excess can be bad for you, even water.

So I keep things in perspective, I think.  Do I need this supplement for my client?  Can my client based on current lifestyle get this nutritional need done with actual food?  Do they need additional help with recovery?  Is there any reason, be it social or health wise why my client should be opposed to this supplement?

Bottom line.  I have told many  a client, there goals are important to me.  But their health is more important to me.  And I will not jeopardize it.

Due to a background in wrestling, I know there is a big difference between weight loss, and healthy weight loss.  And I attend to my clients accordingly.  I give them the best information to my knowledge with as little bias as I can muster and let them choose what is best for them.  Simple as that.

The reason why I was advising my client on creatine and ZMA, is because she is happy with the dress sizes she has dropped.  Now she wants to be able to do a pull-up.  See, simple 🙂

Best Health,

Coach W


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