training log 3/28-4/1

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Wow, busy week.

Didn’t realize I had not logged in a single workout.  Online, that is.


Standing Shoulder Press (DB)

  • 5×7 75lb

Weighted Pull-Ups

  • 1×5 50lb
  • 1×5 40lb


weighted pull-ups

  • 1×5 55lb
  • 1×5 45lb


weighted pull-ups

  • 1×5 60lb
  • 1×5 50lb


weighted pull-ups

  • 1×5 65lb
  • 1×5 55lb

Standing Shoulder Press (DB)

  • 6×5 80lb, last set 4 reps

note: only did 6×5 as opposed to my planned 7×5, my last set I failed on the fifth rep.  Just did not have the same mental drive behind it.  Often when it comes into the heavier weights for a person’s range it is much more mental.  Yes, there is a definite physical aspect.  But when you are working in the 80-90%RM range, with 5 or less reps, you don’t really feel it in your muscles, or muscular.  More so in the nervous system.  This actually has scientific basis.

It’s the reason why when working with heavier weights to improve upon strength. You rest 3-5 minutes in-between sets.  As opposed to the 60 seconds or less you do when working on burning fat.  Or one to two minutes when trying to build muscle.

Best Health

Coach W


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