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In a previous blog I wrote about an odd phenomenon that happens with my new clients.


As they start on their program those who make up their social circle are quite encouraging.  than after a few weeks and they start to make progress, a change happens.


Among those same supportive people come encouragements to cheat on their nutrition plan.  Essentially they are ever so politely, attempting to sabotage them.  I have often wondered why that is.


A colleague of mine who is an MMA coach has a theory.


As we grow up we are taught to compete.  But in today’ society we are also taught to be politically correct.  This education of being PC does not do much to change who you are as a person.  Merely changes your choice of words.


So now where one would be openly aggressive, they now must restrain themselves, because such  aggression  is not PC.  So they become passive aggressive.


Now when they see their friend, my client, succeeding.  Chances are it is at something they have not been successful at, so they become competitive.  But instead of getting on a healthy path themselves, they instead choose to try to tear the other person down.  In a PC way of course.


I call this Passive Aggressive Competition.


Where it come from, who knows?  Is it some mental connection that people make.  where the success of other reflects failure in themselves.  Possibly.


The main thing is to be aware of it.  A lot of times when people are doing PAC, they aren’t aware of it.  Yes, some are.  But I would wager many aren’t.  So the thing to do is simply focus on your goals, your own self-improvement.  And let others worry about their PAC.


Because ultimately, when they realize they can not bring you down.  They will start coming to you for advice.  And you can then help them to change their mindset in a healthy way.  🙂



Best Health,

Coach W


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