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The tag line for my blog is common sense health and fitness.

The reason I chose that line is because far too often things get taken out of context, or made to be much more than they actually are.

It’s one thing to follow the belief of proper food combining.  I personally do not belive in it, but if it makes you happy and healthy, more power to you.  It’s another thing all together to get so wrapped up in your fear of combining carbs and fat that you are scared to take fish oil capsules with grapes.

It’s fine to be low-carb, but when that carries over to a paranoia about insulin spikes caused by anything.  You have gone way too far.   for the record properly planned insulin spikes can actually improve results.

I am all for making big basic movements like squats and deadlifts the foundation of your training programs. But if you get too tunnel-visioned you will suffer from imbalances and gaps in  development, which could be fixed with isolation movements.

Macronutrient manipulation, circuit work, compound exercises, HIT, Intermittent Fasting, Caloric Spiking: none of these are bad ideas, but they’re often taken too far.

I had a client read about how mass-produced beef contains some questionable substances.  She asked me about it, and I  explained the situation as best to my knowledge.  And recommended books such as Fast Food Nation, and Omnivores Dilemma.

Her initial reaction was to swear off all beef, and ask me about becoming a vegetarian. I explained if that was her choice and it fit her health and happiness, that was fine.  However another solution is to simply choose better, grass-finished beef, instead of becoming a vegetarian.

Side Note:  Biases up front, I believe all vegans are communists.  Can’t prove it, just believe it.  All vegans, and a good chunk of vegetarians.  Including my significant other, who is a vegan.  🙂

Where was I . . . oh yes . .

There’s dedicated and there’s fanatical. There’s being on a proper eating plan and there’s being a dietary masochist. There’s sticking to a set of beliefs about diet and training, and there’s being close-minded to all new approaches.

Sometimes it’s a fine line. Sometimes it’s not. But it’s always a line to be aware of.

One of my favorite quotes by Bruce Lee is “Before I knew the art of martial arts, a punch was just a punch and a kick was just a kick. When I learned the art of martial arts, a punch was no longer a punch and a kick was no longer a kick. When I understood the art of martial arts, a punch was just a punch and a kick was just a kick.”

A lot of time things are as simple as they appear, yet not as simple as we think.  Just as it goes for martial arts, so it goes for nutrition, exercise, life.

Basic principles of weight loss.  Burn more fuel than we take in.

We do this by creating a slight caloric deficit in our eating.  Making sure we have the proper nutrients to maintain health.  And the proper training program to maintain lean mass and our basal metabolic rate (BMR).

This does not change.

People can spin it however they like.  But it’s still these simple guidelines you see before you.

The trick comes in by finding out what is the best mix for each person.  Some respond better to low carb, some low protein, some low-fat.  some people do better on high rep work (15-20), Some do better on a lower range (6-12).  The same goes for those who wish to gain muscle.  Core principles, slightly varying methods.

As the saying goes, keep it simple.

Best Health,

Coach W


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Wow I love you too. You know I can’t stomach the thought of killing anything. 😛

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