Going for a max

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Today I tested my max on my standing shoulder press.  And I am glad to say it was a success.  I finally pressed 100lb dumbbells.


As expected there was some anxiety involved.


I was not too concerned with injury as I have made it a habit to warm up properly, and worked my way up progressively.


My chosen method for testing max is like so:

  • 75% 1RM – 2-3 reps
  • 85% 1RM – 2-3reps
  • 95%1RM – 1 rep
  • 100-105%1RM – 1 rep

With a client I will add in a couple of lighter warm-up sets.  Emphasizing an explosive concentric movement in order to set the mind-set.


Mind set is very important.


When I went for the 100lb press, there was that slow motion moment that you can only get from maxing.  It’s a moment where the weight hits a sticking point.  it’s as if the weight is only moving a millimeter a second.  the important thing to keep in mind is the weight is moving.  This where the mindset is so important.


I have seen many a gym member who has given up mentally when going for the max, simply because the weight is moving “too slow.”


It is during this moment where they panic.  They start thinking the weight is not going to move.  They are going to fail.  They are going to collapse or injure themselves.  They can’t breathe, they can’t think.  They think they are stuck.  And truth is, they are stuck . . . mentally.


If you have the right mindset, you recognize the sticking point is not a time to panic, it’s a time to focus.  It is a time of will.  And if you have prepared properly, it is  a time to make a new personal best.


This relates not just to lifting but to life as well.


When I hit the sticking point all I could think of was the fact that the weight was moving.  I knew I had prepared correctly.  I knew the weight would move.  And sure enough it did.  Now it’s time to focus on a new goal to challenge myself.  It’s time to work out a plan to do a one-armed handstand push-up.


This may sound like an insane goal, but it’s what I am going to work toward.


There will come a time when I have gone as far as I can with the limits of my body due to age, genetics, recovery time, etc.  Until then why limit yourself.


There will come a time where we all will wish we could still run up a flight of stairs, if we wanted to.  Why limit yourself.


Many of us are blessed with a choice as to what we wish to do with our body and health.  Don’t waste it.



Best Health,

Coach W


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