My Batman goal

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Checkmate in 8 moves, total domination in 1.


Whatever bug that has been going around the office building finally caught up with me.


Considering how many sick people I have been around within the last month, I think I am handling it well.


Mainly involves drinking lots of tea.


Soon I’ll be in Alaska for the Xmas holiday visiting with family.  Don’t ask me why but winter in Alaska always makes me feel better.


As I recuperate I can’t help but think about this coming year.  So many work events, trips, already planned, and needing to be budgeted for.


I am also thinking about my future workouts.  I suffered a pectoral tear in July and I am almost back to a decent level of strength for myself.  Yet I find myself not willing to settle for decent.  So in the theme of the upcoming movie in July.  I am embarking on a set 6 month workout goal.


The goal mainly is just to see how far and hard I can push myself for these 6 months, intelligently of course.


I had the pleasure of having access to some great workout programming ideas from a phenomenal coach and I plan to implement them.


The goal will start off with focusing on athletic performance, then finish off with a modified Smolov routine to really push the strength factor.


By my estimation this will take about 26 weeks all together, barring no set backs.


I will log my workouts here as I progress.


So why call it a Batman goal, as opposed to a GI Joe goal, or Spiderman goal.   Well, because of what Batman represents for me.


I have always been a bit of a comic nerd, and Batman is a character which to me symbolized what we as human beings are capable of when we narrow our focus on a specific goal and go at it 100%.


From a rough look at the calendar, starting in January it will be about 28 weeks till the premiere of the new movie.  And I find myself quite excited by the idea, and planning of my eating, workout scheduling, what supplements I will use and budget for.


Every one really should set some long-term performance goals for themselves.  It’s quite invigorating.



Keep Fitness Groovy,

Coach W


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