What are you capable of? Are you sure?

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Let your instincts guide you

“If no one told you that bullets flew straight, and I gave you a gun and told you to hit the target, what would you do?” – Sloan, Wanted (2008)

On the flight back to LA, my gf and I were watching the animated film ‘Wonder Woman.’  During the movie our heroine Diana, voices her disgust with the current state of modern females in the US.  Which sparked an idea in my mind, if we weren’t told of our limitations what could we do?

I mean think about it, in order for one to raise a daughter like Wonder Woman, you would not only have to train the body, but the mind as well.  People often say pound for pound a woman can not be as strong as a man.  Maybe not under the same circumstances.  But if you train a man and woman.  the man is brought up to believe his body had limitations, where as the woman is raised thinking the only limit is the force of her will.  Who do you think would win in a competition?

The physical aspect is easy, the mental, not so much.

In the book “Meditations of Violence,” the author makes such connections to the mind and body response.  He discusses the fact that people will often die in violent situations because they are conditioned to do so by television.  How many times in the movies have you seen a person die of a gut shot instantly?  In reality, abdominal gunshot wounds can take weeks to kill you. Police officers, however, are conditioned to the belief that a gunshot will kill a person, and thus, frequently, die of otherwise survivable wounds simply because they believe they must. (pages 61, 83)

In our social media world we can be bombarded by loads of information, with a good majority not geared toward the healthy best interest.  In comparison to our prehistoric ancestors we are greatly weaker with more degenerative diseases from our lifestyle.  and the idea that any one can get strong as the “genetically elite” is seen as something out of a comic book.

True there are those who have a genetic head start, but does it really have to stay that way.  Or do we believe so and such that is what happens.

Is there really such thing as over-training, or is it really a matter of under-nutrition, or under-sleeping, or even just bad training done repetitively.

Christian Thibadeau, a very knowledgeable coach, made a quote which really spoke to me.  “Chase performance, not failure.”

Like so many things it is simple and complicated in it’s application as one needs to learn the difference personally to truly grasp what it means, let alone teach to others.  too often when a set feels easy we will either up the reps or weight till we can no longer do the exercise.  Why?

Why not focus on contracting the muscle faster, reducing the rest interval, tightening up our form, making it a superset or increasing the number of sets we complete.  any one of these will contribute to greater long term performance.  where as going toward failure only produces more stress on the body, and inceases your likelyhood of injury in or out of the gym.

The flip side of this is then knowing when to increase the amount of weight.  Making sure your progression, though at times potentially erattic, continues forward.

This may be fanciful thinking, but then again.  You never know what a person is capable of till the moment arises do we?



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2 Responses to “What are you capable of? Are you sure?”

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one of my favorite posts! wasn’t the quote “never chase fatigue, chase performance”?

Yes, but I find people misunderstand when I quote him exactly.

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