One diet to rule them all

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Someone asked me if there are any diets out there I would promote.  Now by diets they meant diet books, which is not the same thing in my mind.  Yet it was a valid question for one needing clarity.


Much like infomercials, diet books are plentiful, and typically just as gimmicky.  and there is no sign of the quality of information improving.  In all honesty, signs point towards them only getting worse.


There are a few that are not as bad as though.  Before I get in to that let me explain my mental filter when it comes to diet books.

  1. If it’s endorsed by a celebrity or “written” by a celebrity, ignore it.  How can I put this… if I ate everything Kobe Bryant ate do you think I would grow taller?  Same thing goes for celebrities.  Yes some have weight issues, this does not qualify them as diet experts.  Ever
  2. Endorsed by a celebrity trainer.  Same reason
  3. Claiming to share or have discovered the “secret” of weight loss, fat loss, etc.  There never was a secret, merely a misdiagnosis which lead many down the wrong path.
  4. Anything associated with the authors of  “Skinny B*tch.”  I can’t begin to tell you how off kilter they are.
  5. Any diet associated with an infomercial.
  6. Any diet claiming some sort of pseudo-scientific association, that can be solved merely by buying their book. Examples:  Blood type, gender, astrological sign, etc.
  7. Any diet book claiming it is the sole source of diet information you need.


So what style of diets do I like?  Reduced carb, high protein, good source of health fats.  Along with plenty of water, and a fish oil supplement.   Nothing complicated.  And I’d allow my clients to play with the ratio as they go along.

Oh, and by high protein I mean anywhere from .75-.95g per lb of body weight.


The reason I keep my tips general is because one, they work.  And two, we are not all the same.  And administering diets like we are is ignorant.


Don’t get me wrong.  Certain basic principles need to be observed.  We all need protein, fats, vitamins, minerals and water.  To think we all must abide by the exact same source of nutrients is, well.. kind of silly.


For example, if one chooses a vegan diet.  More power to them.  I’m not going to convert but I respect the choice and will work with my client accordingly.  When a person starts saying we are all designed to eat Vegan.  That’s where logic starts to go out the window.


Being a born and raised Alaskan I am aware of my home states history, including the natives.  Not sure if many are aware but, not a lot of access to plant food in the artoc circle.


Our bodies are highly adaptive, so of one chooses they can be vegan.  If one chooses they can also live on a diet of 100% meat.  Ultimately, you just have to have your nutrient bases covered.


With that said the following books can be helpful in examining your own eating philosophy:


No one book is going to solve all your issues.  we are all different in subtle ways, and some ways not so subtle.  The metabolism of children as young as 4 years old varies from 45-65 calories/square meter of body surface/hour.

That’s beofre we even get into growth patterns,  temperature control patterns, natural body compositions,  final height due to genetics.  This does not mean a person should jump from one diet to the next.


It means they should start with the base principles and build from there.



Keep Fitness Groovy,

Coach W


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My blog is ALL ABOUT how doofey those celeb endorsed diets are! Videos start airing Feb 21, first video… the baby food diet! Ah ha ha ha ha! Ridiculous right? Baby food is straight up rank!

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