Everybody is looking for gummy berry juice

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This last weekend was the Los Angeles fit expo.


This is basically always a fun time for me.


Free samples, discounts on various products and the booths which offer fitness challenges to earn various prizes.


Now with that said, I have noticed the expo is fun for me for different reasons. In the past I enjoyed stocking up on samples. Now that I have better knowledge of these products, it’s not as exciting anymore to get the samples, but it is fun to hear the sales pitches.


Each booth spokesman lets you know this is the product you need to get Big, Strong, Swole, Pumped, Vascular, lean, cut, ripped, the list goes on and on.  it reminds me of the old TV show Gummi bears, and their secret gummi berry juice


And usually the difference between products is slim. In fact in my experience once you have found a reputable brand name that’s all you have to worry about.


Why? Because there are so many tricks that a supplement company can do to make their product sound better than it is. Here are a couple of my favorites:



1) The proprietary blend.

Say there is a study that says Ingredient A increases muscle mass, muscle fiber activation, fat loss, take your pick. However, Ingredient A is only effective if you take 5g a day

So what does a company do that wants to sell their product and only cares about profit? They advertise they have this ingredient. They stick it in a “proprietary blend” which they also add in caffeine, creatine, beta-alanine, etc. So the customers say they can “feel it working.”

Then they label it in their proprietary blend like this: Proprietary blend 7,341mg: (Ingredient A, beta-alanine, caffeine, and creatine).

Now inside the blend you may only be getting 2g of Ingredient A, which is not effective. But you don’t know that. And if they hype you up enough the placebo effect might give you even greater results.

Also note how they describe the dosage in milligrams to make the number seem bigger.

2) The scientific study.

This actually used to be a common trick in the pharmaceutical industry, and was a valid approach in the past. However the industry has evolved past this, whether companies admit it or not.

This is where they show that when compared in a double blind placebo study their product was 400% more effective for fat loss or muscle building. Sounds great, but is it really that special? It’s 400% more effective than what? There are two ways this gets embellished.

A) The placebo only helped the test group lose one pound of fat in a month, whereas the supplement group lost 4lbs in a month. There’s your 400% difference.

B) They are comparing it to nothing as opposed to what we already know works. Think of it this way. We already know caffeine accelerates fat loss when used strategically. So why not compare their product to a basic standard like caffeine that we already know works? Probably so they can look better. After all, their product already has caffeine in it.

Statistics don't lie, but liars use statistics

Now don’t get me wrong. Supplements can be very helpful when properly applied and when you get them from a reputable company.


A few of my favorites are:

Just remember these are supplements. This means by definition they are meant to supplement your regular eating habits. Not magically make up for whatever poor eating habits one already has.

Keep Fitness Groovy,

Coach W


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