One meal does not a six-pack make

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By nature I have little tact.  None.  I’m not mean per se.  It’s just that when you are raised by a corrections officer and veteran school teacher, you learn 2 things.  Structure and an economy of words.

A close friend once said I go from zero to wrecking ball in 5.6 seconds.  As such I have learned to think before I speak as I realized what I say is not always what is heard.

However at times when I am a bit mentally tired I forget and have the occasional slips.

This last weekend watching the UFC fights with some friends a friend asked me the question I get asked so often when going out to eat with folks who know I’m a coach.  “What should I eat.”

It’s without fail.  Any time we’re out, I get asked what’s the best thing to eat that’s still healthy or they watch me like a hawk to see what it is I eat.  I cringe every time my signifiant other tells people I’m a personal trainer.  I can almost see the profile being locked in their brain and prepare for the typical questions.

Any way… normally I give the usual PC answer.  Chooe something grilled, add more veggie toppings, err on the side of protein, etc.  But that day I wasn’t feeling too well, and the fighter I was rooting for lost.  So my diplomacy filter was ajar.

I looked at the menu, looked at my friend and said in the calmest, most loving brotherly manner:

  • Don’t take this the wrong way.. but it’s not like your  strict healthy eater anyway so what does it really matter?

My friend paused, looked me in the eye, and busted out laughing.  He was folded over the table he was laughing so hard.  And thus had to explain to the rest of the table, what was so funny.

Overall it was a fun night, but it got me thinking.  How often do people do this?  Just decide to make an adjustment based on a random occurrence.

I have a great appreciation for the method of tackling health issues one habit at a time.  It may take a little longer to reach a goal but is a better assurance of success, and maintaining that success for the long term.  In the book Power of Less, they speak to such an observation.  The more habits you try to change at once the less likely you are to succeed.

This is not universal, but for many it can hold true.

This changing of habit should not occur because I’m sitting next to you at the moment.  Trust me when I tell you, my mind is occupied enough that I don’t really need to worry about what you are eating.  Even if your a client.  I’m your coach not your mother.  I give you the information and skill set, it’ up to you to apply them.  I’m not going to look down on you for eating chocolate cake.

Now if you order the cake and then complain about not being able to lose fat.  Well, I won’t look down on you, but I’ll find you really annoying for a moment.

Oh, and if you do run into a trainer who seem to look down on you because you don’t eat healthy or what they consider healthy.  It’s not because they are righteous, it’s because they are obnoxious.

Picking the moment you are sitting next to a trainer/coach to start thinking about eating a healthy meal is silly.  Choosing that moment to spark some self awareness, and starting tomorrow have a healthy dinner no matter what for the next 2 weeks.  Is specific, smart. and much more likely to benefit you.

Results come from consistency.  Good results, bad results, either way it comes from doing something over and over again.

Find a healthy habit you can do.  Drink more water, take fish oil, do 20 air squats a day, whatever you like.

Pick it, stick to it, and make it an every day thing.  Then add a new habit.

Healthy lifestyles come from solid choices, not random accidents.  And vice versa.  The reason I’m not worried about having that burger, is because I have gained awareness of my choice, and don’t eat like that all the times.  I’m allowed to splurge and stay lean.  And the clients I have who learned this awareness from me can do it as well.  Now please stop looking at us eat.

Or I will sick Fluffy on you.

Keep Fitness Groovy,

Coach W


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