Is CrossFit the New Gold’s Gym: part 2

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For you non CF people let me explain why CF is a cheap franchise.


First let’s explain how a franchise works:

Say you want to start a business. Now you could work on things yourself like a name and product, develop a business plan that works, and build name recognition of their business. These goals can take a novice business owner quite a while to accomplish. Trust me, I’m still working on setting up my own gym.

You spend many hours of trial and error before coming up with a winning combination to make a successful business.

Or you purchase a franchise.

You buy a company that people know like McDonalds, Jiffy Lube, or Planet Fitness. These companies have a system that works and which has been proven reliable within their niche. Customers know them and respect their products and services which for a new business, can be the difference between success and failure. The franchisee purchases the name, business plan, name recognition and in many cases all of the supplies and merchandise from the franchise company, which gets them in business fast, with a name their customers can trust.


Now CF, has an affiliate program. So it’s not exactly a franchise but think about it for a second.


You are a young aspiring trainer who wants to open your own gym. If you are like majority of trainers you suck at marketing and salesmanship. When I started out I thought it was just me. Turns out it’s a common trait for fitness people to have no business sense. Any way how can you get your gym going?

Well to be CF certified you have to pay $1000 and show up for the 2-day certification. And you don’t even have to be able to perform or complete the CF workouts.

There is no pre-req education to attend. So you don’t have to spend more money on things like additional books. Most CF gyms are bare essentials (they call it hard core) so you don’t have to spend a lot on gym equipment. Maybe a few thousand, depending on how much you care about the brand name or how skilled you are on eBay or Craig’s List.

I know a lot of trainers who get their equipment from Craig 🙂

And location wise, it’s a free for all. You can do it in a garage, warehouse, or parking lot. It’s actually encouraged so you get away from that ‘fake gym feel.’


So altogether you’ve spent about what? 7, maybe 8 thousand dollars not counting things like future rent, utilities. A Curves franchise is about $30,000+ easy if you are lucky.


Now since CF workouts are done in groups you get the benefit of what is considered one for the most successful of fitness franchises. The boot camp.


Boot camps are huge money makers for fitness people. You get a large amount of people together like an aerobics class; they pay a flat monthly fee. You work out outside most of the time which costs you nothing. It’s a great money maker.  Not the best for long term results, but a money maker


CF allows you to do the same thing. Except you add a bit more equipment, and telling people you’re doing CrossFit sounds so much cooler than saying you’re going to boot camp. Sorry, boot campers, it’s true. It’s true.

An average CF membership around SoCal is about 100 a month. So once you have 100+ members you are pretty much profitable. It really is a good deal as far as franchises go.


So if you go to a CF gym or are thinking about going to a CF gym there is something you must understand. Every day the name CrossFit means less and less. Don’t get me wrong, like Gold’s Gym it will grow across the country. And like Gold’s there will be good gyms, bad gyms, and the occasional great gym.


That experience however has nothing to do with CrossFit being the name on the door. That is nothing more than a trademark they purchased in order to increase their market value nothing more, nothing less. If you have a great experience, then you found a great gym. If you have a bad experience, you found a bad gym. Cancel and move on.


Just like working out at Gold’s did not automatically make you a bodybuilder. Working out at a CF does not automatically turn you into some hardcore athlete. In fact it could possibly decrease your athletic ability, unless you goal is to be able to do more CF workouts.


To those hiding behind the CF name for monetary purposes. Be an adult and be your own gym.

If you’re a hardcore Cf’er. More power to you, I think your exercise philosophy is ridiculous. But I commend you for sticking with what you believe in. I’ll stick to the ‘witchcraft’ if you don’t mind


It's worked pretty good so far 😉

As so many social experiments always are, it will be interesting to see where this CF insanity goes.

Keep Fitness Groovy

Coach W


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