Is CrossFit the new Gold’s Gym?

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I find the “CrossFit phenomenon” quite interesting. It has grown in popularity since its founder got started about 10 years ago.


Yes, 10 years ago. I know that may shock those of you who may have only heard about it a few years ago, or just now noticed it since the Reebok commercial. Being in SoCal you hear about a lot of fitness fads right from the get go. And I’ve been interacting with CrossFitters for years.


I remember talking with a colleague about CrossFit (CF) when it seemed to be really gaining momentum. And he said from a business stand point he could see why it was gaining speed.


“It comes off as this underground, secret thing. They have created a tribe for people to be a part of. And they are polarizing. That’s the key; you have to be polarizing you need that separation that ‘us vs. the world’ feel. Even if it’s fake, as long as people buy in to it, it will sell. Soon it will become trendy and then it will really take off.”


Considering my colleague runs a very successful online training business, I have to take his words seriously when he talks about market appeal. We’re talking about a guy who sees the cover of the book “4 hour work week,” and asks why would he want to work that long. 😉

But I digress.


I’ve mentioned before that there are definite positives one can take from understanding the growth of CF in previous blogs. Since then I have noticed something when I speak to those who are members or owners of CF gyms. They aren’t doing CrossFit.


Yes they are doing the original CF workouts, but they aren’t sticking with just that. They are incorporating movement screens, and static posture assessments, and progressing people according to technique and *gasp* science.


For those unaware, the CF founder Glassman has not been very kind to those who study exercise sciences. He he has referred to periodization as witchcraft(1).


So why would CF gyms do things that are not of the CF philosophy?


The simple answer is money, as I see it.  I’ll explain more in part 2.


Keep Fitness Groovy

Coach W

1)  CrossfFit journal archive


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