Are we ready to eat bugs?

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Just because every body else is eating it...


A couple of weeks ago my gf and I were at the Arnold Sports Expo.  It used to be the Arnold Fitness Expo, and before that it was the Arnold Bodybuilding Classic.


Showing the business savy of Arnold. He essentially took his bodybuilding conteset and expanded it to include pretty much every port under the sun.


To attract more people and trust me, it works. I can’t even begin to describe to you how crowded the expo was. Let’s put it this way if you are claustrophobic, remotely claustrophobic or think you might somewhere in the sliver of the back of your mind think you are claustrophobic. You can’t go to the expo.

No seriously you can’t go. I nearly lost my gf twice when I walked more than 5 feet away from her. I’m thinking next year we should bring walkie talkies… and a periscope… and possibly a Doberman, maybe a cattle prod. Any way moving on.


There were the usual variety of supplement booths samples and deals. My gf got a rumble roller, and I got some new straps and Fat Gripz.

When possible I like to talk to the new booths and at one particular one there was product line sampling there newest Amino product. Interesting thing, according to the presenter there amino acids were derived from worms.

Yes that’s right. Chewy Gooey, Yummy Gummy worms. Being a fitness nerd I found this fascinating.


Let’s be honest. Over the course of the following decades we will have to accept that there I only so much healthy food to go around at our current rate. Meaning we will need to derive some new sort of healthy food source.


We have a few options

1 – Purely synthetic means. I actually don’t have the fear of science that a lot of my friends have. At least not in the way they do. My issue with the synthetic route is that our current food industry leans to heavily on the profit side of things not overall health.

I try not to sound like a conspiracy theorist but any research in to the business practices of Monosanto and other food companies is quite terrifying. Take in to account how “what is healthy” is determined and enforced doesn’t exactly give you a warm fuzzy feeling. More so a headache from giving yourself a face palm.


2 – Test Tube meat. As much as I enjoyed that particular episode of “Better Off Ted” this one really creeps me out. My concern is that in my experience we are still finding all new ways in which proper health food benefits us. And it is my personal view we do not yet have the technology to completely grasp those benefits.

I’d feel more confident on the test tube meat if I felt we truly had a universal grasp of the benefits locked in our foods.


3 – Go vegan. Considering my gf has been vegan for many years I will choose my words carefully. If one chooses to be vegan. More power to you. There is however no significant scientific proof that says we should be vegan. We can be if we so choose to. We can also be completely carnivorous if we so choose to and still be healthy(1). Like 90% animal protein diet, carnivorous.

Also, the whole Monosanto patenting seed is a bit creepy for me. And I don’t know how an organic vegan farm would work at the scale we would need. But it’s not my field of expertise so take that with a grain of salt.


4 – Insects. Insects are animal protein. And have been a source of food of multiple cultures for centuries. And I have to say since I have actually eaten bugs. Prepared correctly, they really are quite good.


So can bugs be added to the American menu? Should they be? I’ll get into that in my next part. I think off the top of my head the first thing we would have to do is get over the stigma. More later

What's the difference between this and Calimari?


Keep Fitness Groovy

Coach W

  1.  Phinney SD. Ketogenic diets and physical performance Nutr Metab (Lond). 2004 Aug 17;1(1):2.

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