The problem with perception

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One thing I have to be aware of as a coach. Is often what I say, is not what is heard by a client, gym member, audience, etc.

Ever hear this one.  “All you do is eat healthy.”  I hear that one often at work, because the lunch they see me bring is healthy.  So automatically every thing I eat is organic fruit and protein shakes.



All of our perceptions are clouded by our own experiences.  Much like the person who says they can’t eat healthy because they enjoy food too much.  When the actuality is, their taste buds have been made so dysfunctional by the processed and super-flavored foods they eat.  They are no longer able to taste, what healthy food actually tastes like.


The other day I was going through my workout.  I did multiple sets of 3 reps with a progressively heavier deadlift till my acceleration diminished then did singles with 20 seconds of rest.

I followed this up with a couple of mini-complexes.  First was a trap bar deadlift, Clean-grip high pull, and full Power clean, for 5 sets of 5.  Then I did 4 sets of 7 with a trap bar DL, snatch-grip high pull, and hang snatch.

I only allowed 60 seconds or less of rest in between full complex sets, no rest between individual exercises.  After my 5th set of complexes my heart rate was up in the 190’s. Getting as high as 197 at one point.


As I left the gym a member commented,” all you do is weights, don’t you ever do cardio?”





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