A tale of 2 coaches

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Much of who we all are is a combination of environment, genetics, choices, and stories.


We all have certain moment that stick with us and define us as who we are as a person.


Who I am as a coach I find can be defined by 2 coaches. Both of these coaching experiences happened to me in high school. And they will stay with me forever. This blog is about the first.


On my ‘about me’ page I mention my humble beginnings from a 5’4” 14 year old, to a 5’10” 170lb 17 year old.


Coach Green, helped me to do that. But that small blip on my page does not even begin to do him justice.


In 1991, in a hole in the wall gym, off the corner of a mini mall. He took a 5’4″, 114lb kid who wasn’t sure what to do with his life and set a path. He taught me to train, taught me to coach, gave me a job as a trainer at 16.


He turned me into a 5’10”, 170lb captain of the wrestling team, and winner of the teen class at the local body building contest. He’s the one who told me to get my degree in Sports Medicine. Answered my millions of questions through high school and on through life.


Because of him I have a career, a purpose and life I love. Because of him I have a skill set that provides for me and those I love. Because of him I never hesitate to pay it forward the way he did for me. Things he taught me I still apply to clients today. And have helped me to continue to want to improve in my profession.


‎2 years ago on this very day , my mom called me. She told me that on May 1st Coach Green was out riding his Harley, and there had been an accident. Coach Green was dead.

I can’t begin to tell you the emotions I felt. I have my father, and he is a good man. Coach Green was not my father figure. He was my coach. And only now do I truly understand what that means. Only now do I see how much potential he saw in me, when I saw less in myself.


My only regret is he never got to see me open my own gym. But I know when that day comes, and fitosity is open for business, he will be with me. And given the choice, knowing Coach Green; if he couldn’t go peacefully surrounded by family and friends, he would prefer on his Harley. 😉


I think this is why I hold myself and others who claim to be in the fitness industry to a higher standard. Being a coach, a true coach is something you can do and make an impact in someone life, their health, their very well being.


And if you choose to be a trainer, a coach, a Physical Therapist, well… all I can say is if you use those words to describe yourself around me, you had better act with the professionalism, the dignity, and the honor befitting that title.


Keep Fitness Groovy

Coach W


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