Play Russian Roulette with training

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It has come to my attention there are certain things people don’t realize about personal training at commercial chain gyms.


Allow me to clarify, if you sign up with a personal gym at a chain, you are playing a form of roulette with your fitness. Let’s take a major chain I used to work for, for example.


Now I don’t want to embarrass this chain, so let’s just say this particular gym is not a New York or NY fitness club. It’s more of a… LA style Fitness, and leave it at that.


OK, so when I worked there several years ago, they would charge anywhere from $30-$50 per half hour session. Of that fee the member paid, they paid the trainer $7.50.

I’ll let that sink in for you.

Now if the client keeps training past the original terms of their contract. The trainers pay gets boosted up to 10.00 per half hour. This only happens though, after all the original sessions which have been paid for have been used. Since these programs are usually 6-12 months. This could take some time.


On top of that we have the PT sale staff. Who have sales goals, and there is nothing wrong with that. Many demonize sales people but there are good and bad sales people just like any profession, and like any profession they are people working to make a living. I don’t fault them, I fault the structure.


See the sales person does not get any credit toward her monthly sales goal for the client to continue past their original agreement. So it’s in her best interest to resign the client on a new contract and nullify the ability of the trainer to get a boost in pay. Fun huh?


The structure of this major chain literally works against those who provide the hands on direct service to the members. And thus, the type of trainer one might end up with can be iffy.


This is why people can go to the same gym at the same time with 2 different trainers and have night & day experiences.


My industry is very weird.

Keep Fitness Groovy,

Coach W


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