Tale of 2 coaches II

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So you really can’t name a blog a tale of 2 coaches and only talk about one.


The second coach I had who dictated the coach I was going to be.. I can’t remember his name.


I know how ridiculous it sounds. I still have my yearbook with his picture, and every time I forget it. And since my yearbook is currently in AK and I in CA, I really can’t check right now.


So for now we’ll all him Coach Oregon, as that was where he was from. He was the assistant wrestling coach my senior year. And he really was a great coach. He pushed me when I needed a push, listened when I needed to talk, and always expected more of me then I thought I could give. And the end it would always turn out I could give that much more he expected.


At the same time he never over did it, or ran us in to the ground. He was a great coach. And he was a big reason behind my winning the city regionals that year. A HUGE reason, if you want to be perfectly honest.


When I told him I was going to study Sports Medicine he invited me to volunteer at a senior center he worked at in the fitness center. Sounded great, then one day came a moment I will never forget.


Coach Oregon, gave me a task of painting the lines of an outdoor shuffleboard court. He had already taped down the stencil; I just had to paint it. And I did.


The next day coach wants to talk to me. He takes me outside and shows me my work. In a word, bad.


There were droplets here and there. Places where the paint had run under or over the stencil. And since this was meant to be permanent outdoor paint, coach was going to have to power sand it all off and redo the job.


To be honest until we went back out there, I thought I had done a good job. I realize now that I had done a job and mentally checked out. I had gone through the motions, and not given my 100% attention to detail. I took on the job, but I did not give it my best.


I don’t think I will ever forget the look in my coach’s eyes. He didn’t yell, he didn’t frown, he was just… disappointed. I just wanted to crawl into a hole.


We moved on, but I did not realize how greatly that moment affected me. It left a permanent impression in my brain. When I choose to do something, I will finish it; I will do the best I possibly can. And if I can’t I will not take on the job.


It also influences my patience with others who don’t.


Again, I don’t yell or sneer at any body. If you take on a task I ask of you though and I think for a second you are half way doing it, we are going to talk. This also influences how I design programs for my clients.


There are few more horrible feelings then disappointment in you as a person. It’s like you have minimal self-worth. And a workout where you feel fat and out of shape constantly does not help in this category.


I see and hear about these training situations to often. And what do these trainers tell their clients.

  • Suck it up
  • If you don’t do this you won’t succeed
  • Nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels
  • Think supermodel
  • If you’ve never thrown up during a workout you aren’t working out hard enough


I have actually heard all of these come out of trainers mouths. Both male and female trainers say this, to male and female clients.


When I design a workout I want the client to feel they got a workout, I want them to work toward their goals, and I want to design the workout to where it ends up just a bit ‘more’ than they thought they could handle. Coach Oregon taught me well in more ways than one.



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