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Under the bonus shorts for the HBO documentary they actually do mention the use of leptin in the ‘Biology of Weight Loss.’  This hormone is way overdue for being discussed in the public forum for it’s affects on the body.


Good for them.  I encourage all to watch that portion.


After watching it though you may decide to look up some research(1,2), and then wonder, well why don’t they use leptin more often?

Well for one thing leptin is expensive.  A pharmacy tech told me it would run about 4-$500 per day of dosing.That’s not a typo mind you, leptin makes any treatment from one of those GH clinics look cheap.


Also leptin does not cause weight loss.  It merely makes dieting work better, which is not very profitable for pharmaceutical companies.  But that’s not all there fault.  The average gym goer I run into isn’t looking for that type of pill either. Drugs that generate weight loss without the person having to change their behavior patterns are what they really want.  Hence no real pressure for pharma companies to pursue this venue.

If more people demanded it they would find a way, trust me.  We’re talking about the holy grail of pharmaceuticals.  A drug they could literally sell you for life, you really think they’d pass that up


There is also the issue of leptin being a peptide hormone, meaning it would have to be injected. Injectable drugs are not fun.   However technology is present where a person could attach a pump the size of an ipod to themselves.  There’s been a huge push to develop this type of solution for diabetics, why not leptin.


Currently though, nobody is developing leptin for commercial use so far as I can tell … yet.

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  1. Kelesidis T et al, The emerging role of leptin in humans. Pediatr Endocrinol Rev. 2006 Mar;3(3):239-48.
  2. Fogteloo AJ et al, Effects of recombinant human leptin treatment as an adjunct of moderate energy restriction on body weight, resting energy expenditure and energy intake in obese humans. Diabetes Nutr Metab. 2003 Apr;16(2):109-14.




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