Steroid users give great advice, yes or no?

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I am a big believer in 2 –way education. I learn just as much from those I coach if not more than they learn from me. It’s one of the most important component of martial arts. Once a student gets to a certain level they are asked (see: required) to help teach a class.

Usually a kids class or some other form of beginners class to start with. And every martial artist I know who does this says the same thing. It’s like a whole new world opens up to them. It’s one thing to know something, another to regurgitate it back to your teacher or some like-minded person. How do you explain it to someone who does not have your background of knowledge or education?


If you think it’s easy then you have never had to explain anything serious to a 5 year old. Any way someone I mentor time to time made a very interesting statement to me.


A particular coach had written some articles which I had encouraged the Padawan to read. The response I got back was essentially that they felt the coach either uses or had used steroid, and how can they trust the techniques shared in his articles?

Oooooo, this is not boring. 😉


It’s a very valid point and one that doesn’t come up much. After all if I as a coach am asked if someone should use steroids I say no, absolutely not. I never used them and neither should you. Then a golden aura of righteousness surrounds me, trumpets sound, angels sing, and possibly a couple of 80’s montage workout scenes go on behinds me. Should I listen to someone who has done steroids is a whole other discussion.

Side note: There is a lack of good training montages in move is today. And in my personal montage there are more Vision Quest highlights.


I’m sure there are those who would choose to say you should not listen to a coach who does or has done steroids. I am not one of them.


It’s a bit of a slippery slope if you’re going to base your choices along those lines. Think of it this way if you we’re training for an MMA bout. And you were going to be coached by one of the best MMA coaches in the world Greg Jackson. Would it matter if he smoked cigarettes?

I know that sounds silly but think about it. You need to compete at an elite athletic level of strength and conditioning, and your coach has a habit that makes his personal conditioning level quite doubtful. I see a coach using steroids in the same vain. What he does to his body, preferably not illegal, is not the determining factor of what’s in his head.


Now if you have a coach who uses steroids and his trying to get you to do them, that’s a bit different. And I don’t agree with that at all.

Steroids are an interesting beast in the sport/fitness industry.  We all know it’s part of the culture yet seem to be unable to discuss it without going on some type of moral ego trip.


I feel if a coach has demonstrated knowledge that benefits you in your situation, or in achieving your goal, no worries. Just because one does not have identical experience to you doesn’t meant they can’t help based on knowledge of principals. There are a lot of brilliant coaches who never even competed in the game they coach. I’m talking championship pro and DI coaches.


Then there is the other side of the coin. How do you know someone used steroids?


Yes some are obvious, but it’s not like Tour De France competitors are walking around looking like Arnold in his prime.


In fact I personally feel people use that excuse far too often to explain their own weakness, but that’s for another blog.


So in my humble opinion, your choice of coach should be based on many factors. Whether or not they ever did or currently used steroids is not one of them. I’ll explain the other factors in future blogs.


Keep Fitness Groovy,

Coach W


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