There are no steroids for excuses

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A few weeks ago I was watching a video with my gf at work. You can check it out here.


As we’re watching a male member behind us makes a comment of, “the magic of steroids.”

That is not groovy.


This is the excuse I hear any time a guy sees an athletic woman do what they cannot do. The woman is 160 lbs, throwing 268 lbs above her head.


The guy commenting was probably about 240, and I’d bet my left arm he couldn’t bench press that much let alone get it above his head in any fashion. And I guarantee you if he had made this comment around any of my current or former female clients he would have received a major earful.

As a coach I have to be a bit more diplomatic on who I unleash direct fury.


The point I’m trying to make is I made the personal choice not to use steroids, and I commend others who do the same. Just don’t let that influence too much about what you believe is possible or whose view or training philosophy to take into consideration.

Steroids are not magical, they don’t make people superhuman, and they’re not the reason why guys or girls in the gym out lift you. Your lacks of hard work, drive, determination, aggression, are the reason you don’t have the body or strength you want.


This may sound harsh but it’s true. You don’t wake up overnight and have the body, strength, health you want in life. It’s earned. It takes time, consistency, patience, work.  I was nowhere near athletically gifted in any sense but I worked at it.


Outside of injury or debilitating disease if you are weak it is your choice, do not knock others for choosing differently.

People make these comments and then wonder why more of us are not moving toward our full potential.


I don’t know if that Olympic Lifter had ‘help’ and personally I don’t care. There are enough examples through life and history, from martial artists to old time strongmen that show if one is truly dedicated the extraordinary is possible.


My personal favorite is Arthur Saxon 🙂

5’10”, 200 lbs and could press over 300 lbs over his head

I can understand being frustrated by setbacks, injuries, scheduling, and life even. But that is still not an excuse to give up, to quit. There really is none.


If you choose to quit, ok, that is your choice. Your life and all should respect it. The moment you choose to quit does not give you the right to knock others who don’t.


I think next time I hear someone make a comment like that guy did, I’ll ask them if they can do more pull-ups than a 9 year old.


In the end the choice is yours.

Keep Fitness Groovy,

Coach W


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