Secret of fat loss

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Hello, welcome to fitosity. Can I help you?


You’re interested in a fat loss program, excellent. That happens to be our specialty. We are actually known as the #1 gym for helping with fat loss and obesity treatment.

Ah, you heard that. And that’s why you’re here. Makes sense, what’s your name?



Well nice to meet you Terri, if you like we can take a tour and… I’m sorry what?

What’s our secret?


Gee Terri, I don’t know we just met but sure, why not, have a seat.


You see Terri, I could tell you what the secret to fat loss success is by running a lot of scientific jargon and studies, and yes they all contribute to the success of our clients. But the big thing that separates us from other fat loss places is something so simple that it gets overlooked by almost every one.


It’s something we make sure every client learns over time. We realize no one else talks about this, and we think it’s assumed that everybody knows. And they do actually, but they tend to glaze over it and not realize how important it is.

Maybe more people would stick to their workout and nutrition programs if they did.


Everyone starts a fat loss program due to a specific need. Face it, you have to have a certain mind set coming in to purposely make yourself sweat, gasp for air, and overall make yourself uncomfortable for a long term reward that you can’t hold in your hands.


There are many marketing pitches out there who like to let you believe losing fat is easy and can be done in a short time.


Well let me tell you now, it’s not and it can’t.

Sure there are exceptions who knock it out of the park from the get go but +90% of people will make mistakes the first few weeks, months, and on into the first year. You will come in for coaching and metabolic classes with a lot of enthusiasm and willing ness to work, but it will seem like nothing will click.


Every personal athletic success you accomplished before, forget about them. We’re not here to get you back; we’re here to bring the wonderful new you forward.


A lot of people don’t get that, and they quit.


They quit because they are not getting back to the person they were fast enough, which I the wrong mentality. You are not here to get back the past you are here to better embrace and enjoy your future. They keep looking in the mirror looking for that person they used to know. Instead of recognizing the person they could become.


Passed that, everyone sees result differently. Some people can see nothing for a few weeks and then all of a sudden BAM fat jut starts dropping off of them. I’ve even seen it happen after a period of months. Until that happens though it can be frustrating, disheartening, like we have major holes in our game and we are years away from the breakthrough we so desperately want to achieve.


Everyone goes through this. And whether you are just starting your program or are 2 months in you have to realize this is normal and keep at it.


Get a little more explosive behind your lifts, see if you can squeeze out another cycle or rep in your intervals, embrace the journey and ignore the destination.

That’s the trick you see, the embrace of the journey. It sounds silly but thinks about it how often do people go in to a program thinking about losing weight. Or how often do we see some marketing pitch for an insane workout or pill to lose weight. Never do they discuss how they are going to help you keep it off.


You see what you do to lose weight is often not the same thing you will do to keep the weight off. With each passing week, month, year, your body is changing one way or another. And when we started fitosity we made a choice. Our program design will not just be about losing fat, but about building you to a point where you can keep it off and still enjoy all that you want in life.


The only way this can happen is if our clients learn. Not just counting calories or reps. They have to get to know this new body they are going to have. They have to be mentally present during every workout; if they are on auto pilot they will not see as significant of results.


They must embrace a physical culture of strength, balance, and adapt it to fit the life they wish to have. And we as coaches must teach and help them to facilitate that.


Does that answer your question?


Yes and No huh? That’s good actually. I know that may not have been as clear as you like. But trust, as time goes on, it will all become much clearer.


Shall we take the tour now?


Welcome to fitosity

Strength is Glorious!

Keep Fitness Groovy

Coach W


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