Marketing Muscle Mathematics

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OK, I personally have chosen, to make it a point not to knock any one in my industry unless they are harming people


Regardless of the outlandish marketing claims they make I will not put them down or insult them.  And I will hold to that choice because i feel more people in the fitness industry should do the same, as well as more people.


That said, I have seen some impressive number play in many a marketing swing for a product. This is just awe inspiring.  I mean the stones you have to have; the unyielding confidence to put something like this out there is just… impressive.


I am not going to name the company, I’m not out to bad mouth any one.  This just is such an extreme yet classic example of how supplement marketing can be.  I can’t pass the opportunity to share.


In fact the next time someone asks me about, or knocks another supplement company claiming they are shady.  I will show them this example and if they are not more creative with their numbers than this company.  I will advise them to get some perspective, and top wasting their time complaining and focus on actually helping people.

Now to set this up, here’s the concept.  They are explaining how much nutrition is one of their shakes.

And I loosely quote ‘to match the nutrition in one of their shakes you would need to eat’…



Wait why can’t I just eat the chicken for protein and B12?

Who gets their calcium from frozen yogurt?

Please note they never say how much zinc that is.

Show of hands how many know what Pantothenic acid is for or how much they currently get?

Why would I get my minerals from only these foods again?

Wait… why would I drink tomato juice and then eat more tomatoes?

 So to get the same nutrition in their shake you would need to consume over 8000 calories and pend over $100.  Or take in 170 calories and spend less than 2 bucks.  Now that is one tough choice to make.  🙂


Now let me reinforce, nothing in this marketing spiel is a lie.  It’s all 100% true.  It’s just a major play with the numbers.


Seriously though, I almost want to applaud the level of brass you would need to say this with a straight face.


*sigh* I love my industry.  I don’t love everyone in it at times.  But I love my industry, and if you are in the fitness profession, and wonder why no one takes us seriously, well…



Keep Fitness Groovy,

Coach W


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