Politics are never healthy

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Most people don’t talk to me about politics. I have friends on both sides of the political spectrum, and neither likes talking with me about the issues because I ask awkward questions they don’t want to answer.


I don’t do it on purpose, it’s just the way my mind works as a coach.


People are often surprised I am against a junk food tax.

I get that, after all I am a fat loss coach. Why would I want the evil junk food around? It’s not that I’m for junk food in any way; it’s that I don’t have great faith in my government’s structure to understand what junk food is?


Also, even if they did it would never be about the actual food or scientific evidence. It would be about lobbyist and emotional feelings, never logic.


One can just watch the movie ‘Fat Head’ and see clear examples of government officials purposely disregarding scientists who they personally call in for their knowledge and advice, and going with their ‘gut instinct’ instead.


What we eat seems to be getting used more and more as political statement, and not even one that makes sense.


For example it might sound good when a politician says he wants to ban soda, after all it’s those sugary drinks making people fat. But when you step back and consider 8oz of soda has 26 grams of sugar, and 8oz of orange juice has 27 grams of sugar. Which one is actually worse?

Oh, and keep it mind the same companies selling the soda, are the same ones selling the bottled water, juice, sports drinks, etc.


So what good does it do to ban soda again?


This is why I don’t like the junk food tax. It’s more of the concept of what looks good on paper. Then what is actually cost effective or helpful.


Let’s just take a base look at logic shall we. This is usually how a conversation on the junk food tax goes with me. I ask the person to answer just some simple questions

What is the believed idea behind the junk food tax?

If junk food is more expensive, people will make healthier choices because the healthier food will be cheaper in comparison.

OK, so why is junk food cheap to begin with?

The main ingredient sugar or High fructose corn syrup is cheap.

And why is sugar or corn cheap?

Because it’s subsidized

And where does the money for subsidies come from?

Taxpayer money.

So what you’re telling me is we want people to pay more money for food that their tax dollars already make cheap?

. . . . . . . . . . . oh, yeah.

How many were you aware of?

Granted changes do have to be made with our society. Just be sure to not jump to conclusions until you actually consider the path you are on.


The same thing happens in fitness all the time. So many people jump on one concept and think that is all there is to fitness. Or make a pre judging idea based on one experience never considering what else there could be.


A good example of this is Pilates. A wonderful method of fitness, but make no mistake about it. Resistance or weight lifting exercise is superior to Pilates in every way imaginable in every situation imaginable.


Now a proud Pilates practitioner might take offense to that. And chances are the reason being their only concept of weightlifting comes from body building.


Whereas I, in my experience classify all forms of exercise under resistance exercise

  • Olympic Lifting
  • Power Lifting
  • Kettle Bells
  • Bands
  • Sand Bags
  • Cables
  • Body Weight Exercises
  • Clubs, Medicine Balls, etc

When you stack them up using that perspective; considering the whole path being covered it’s easier to see what I’m talking about. And though one might still choose Pilates as their personal preference, it’s no longer an issue worthy of heated argument.


In the end food should be about health, not political beliefs. But if you’re up for my questions, I’m always willing to listen. 😉


Keep Fitness Groovy

Coach W


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