Fitness is a science not magic.

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I’ve be doing a lot of coaching, reading, and *shudder* socializing lately.


I’m not against socializing, it just seems to be every now and then I run into some one who thinks they know all there is to know about nutrition, weight lifting, etc.


Which is fine, I’m actually friends with a few academic elitists and like any situation since there intentions are good and they aren’t hurting anyone I don’t have a problem with their occasional rant or sense of superiority.


I know they mean well.


My problem arises with people who assume they are 100% right without doing any real research or reading at all.

If you want to believe something you read without further proof that’s fine. Don’t try to enforce that philosophy to me without expecting a few questions.


Unfortunately my questions have been known to embarrass a few people, and occasionally start fights, so I have had to design a game plan for when I ask these types of questions. I find it’s helpful to follow these steps:


  1. Look to your left
  2. Look to your right
  3. Do you see your girlfriend?
  4. If the answer to step 3 is yes, keep your mouth shut.


The brilliance is in its simplicity.  🙂


For example, I love kettle bells use them all the time. And have nothing but respect for my colleagues who are kettle bell certified. But if one more person comes up to me, and tells me kettle bells are all anyone needs as if they are the beginning and end of all fitness… someone may end up with a kettle bell in an awkward position.


This runs rampant through fitness all the time be it gyms, infomercials, dance studios; someone gets the smallest bit of info and acts as if that everyone should be following only that path. This is where the infamous term of broscience comes from.

No foundation, no proof, no track record, yet people believe because they want to believe there is some secret formula out there.


So how do you avoid getting taken in?


I’m glad you asked.


You see fitness, nutrition, exercise; these are all forms of science. And thus are subject to the same rules used to validate anything else in science.


I don’t want this to become to dry so I am going to paraphrase a bit of the terminologies. And hopefully after you learn or remind yourself of these principles you can more confidently filter through the insanity the fitness world has become.

Every one loves science

  Keep Fitness Groovy


Coach W



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