Fitness Is A Science Not Magic. Rule 1 (part 2)

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An undeclared claim is a statement that is so broad or vague that it lacks any real content, for lack of a better term it’s all bone, no meat.


The undeclared claim is basically lacking of any real knowledge and essentially meaningless. Consider, for example, the term ‘no pain no gain.’ What originally was term to explain the occasional discomfort of working out has become a free for all. It turns in to if you’re not sore you didn’t work hard enough, or people proud of the fact they worked out until they threw up.


I have literally heard and read where “trainers” tell people it’s not a truly intense workout unless they throw up. So what does it mean if you don’t throw up? How do you know if you threw up due to the workout or eating too much? What evidence would prove that someone’s results from working out had been or had not been connected to nausea or muscle pain? Most ‘hard core’ gyms, in fact, base their reputation and credibility on such ideas which completely fall apart when exposed to a little rationality.

Come on Red guy, no pain no gain!

 The undeclared claim has the advantage that virtually any evidence found could be interpreted as validation of their claim, and for that reason it is especially popular among diet books and special shake diet plans who claim top secret science or magic fat loss powers.


For example, the liquid or Protein shake Diet. This concept has been around for centuries; yes I know the website said this is new diet technology. But they probably either never heard of William the Conqueror, or were not forced to have random diet knowledge injected into their brains like I was about his liquid diet back in 1087.


So there is nothing very ‘cutting edge’ about this approach. It’s the same spiel every time:


Our patent-pending nutritional shake helps your body eliminate toxins, absorb essential nutrients; gives you essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Helping your body to shed stored fat, reduce free radical damage. Your body will be in better health; less likely to suffer from heart disease, heart attacks, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer, alien attack, near sightedness, hammer toe, etc.


By the way, I spoke with a person who does legal work for dieticians. He told me patenting a shake doesn’t mean it’s special. It means it can’t be lab tested or investigated by another company or independent lab.  Now why wouldn’t a company want their nutritional claims about a shake tested by an independent lab? Hmmm.


Any way back on topic, it’s always the same deal, you replace one or more of your daily meals with their shake and weight magically comes off! Any and all success is then attribute to the shake and its special ingredients. Couldn’t possibly be because:

  1. By planning to have the shake you are actually more mindful of your eating and eat less.(1)
  2. Your mindfulness also contributes to you eating healthier, after all that’s what you got the shake for.
  3. You are now eating less calories you then you did before due to replacing a meal with the shake.


Nope it’s all because of the shake and the ingredients that they searched all over the world for just to bring to you.

Part 3 coming up


Keep Fitness Groovy

Coach W

1)  Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think by Brian Wansink


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