Fitness is a Science not Magic! Rule 1 (part 3)

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The non-falsifiable statements, which is very popular among internet gurus, involves the use of the multiple ways out of their rule being proved false.


Basically it’s a series of excuses intended to explain away the evidence that would prove their claim is a lie. Paid celeb endorsements, before and after photos of people you will never meet, or even the infamous “because I said so” approach.


Additional examples of multiple outs are the conspiracy theories. Point out the lacking of any real evidence and it’s because the evil million/billion dollar supplement industry doesn’t want you to know. It’s Big Pharma, Big Agra, Vegans, celeb trainers, Meat Industry, etc.


Granted, big business will look after their own interests but they do that through lobbyists, not hunting down ‘rebel’ retail sites. (1)


Diet gurus can’t help if you have the wrong mindset. This miracle workout will work for you if you’re not wimp.


Listen to what the advertiser is saying and if it sounds like “heads they win, tails you lose,” you are hearing a non-falsifiable statement.


Another method is to bury you with lab study references.


I’ve seen a few articles, sites where people will use PubMed like its weapon. The idea is that by listing dozens of scientific references you will assume what they say is true and valid.


This only works however if one is not patient (or in my case nerdy) enough to look up those studies. In the end you find that the studies referenced are very broad based so they ‘could’ validate the general idea of what the guru is saying. But there is nothing specific that can determine it one way or the other.


So how do you know when someone is speaking truth? If they can tell you in clear terms that you can understand why this will work and why it won’t, chances are you are off to a good start. If they can’t then either they are not dealing in truth, or they are not educated enough on the subject themselves.

*whew* One down, stay tuned for more.



Keep Fitness Groovy

Coach W

1)   Best Government Money Can Buy (2010) Francis Megahy


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