Fitness is a science not magic. Rule 1

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Can it be disproven?


It may sound odd but one of the principles behind scientific theory is falsifiability or refutability.


Falsifiability is considered a positive and essential quality of science because it means that an idea or hypothesis is testable and thus conforms to the scientific standards .


That something is “falsifiable” does not mean it is false, rather it means that if it is false, then observation or experiment will at some point demonstrate its falsehood.


Any claim someone makes about fitness, nutrition, should be clearly and easily falsifiable.


I’m adding on ‘easily’ since most fitness marketed out there is for the general public, not elite level athletes. And since that is the case the results should be both falsifiable and easy to explain to general public.


For example if I were to tell you water always boils at 100 degrees Celsius, it is very easy to see if that’s true or false, and fairly simple for you to understand. You don’t need me to explain the laws of thermodynamics to you, for you to check this for yourself.


Refutability is important for a simple reason: If nothing could ever disprove the claim, then the evidence that does exist would not matter. It would become useless to even have proof, because the conclusion is already known.


Which means anything claimed to be true, is meaningless.


It is impossible for any claim to be true no matter what. For every true claim, you can always conceive of evidence that would make the claim false. Even creatine, a supplement with 1000’s of research papers supporting its effects has non-responders.


The two main ways this rule is violated is the undeclared claim and the non-falsifiable statement.

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