Fitness Is A Science Not Magic. Rule 1 (part 2)

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An undeclared claim is a statement that is so broad or vague that it lacks any real content, for lack of a better term it’s all bone, no meat.


The undeclared claim is basically lacking of any real knowledge and essentially meaningless. Consider, for example, the term ‘no pain no gain.’ What originally was term to explain the occasional discomfort of working out has become a free for all. It turns in to if you’re not sore you didn’t work hard enough, or people proud of the fact they worked out until they threw up.


I have literally heard and read where “trainers” tell people it’s not a truly intense workout unless they throw up. So what does it mean if you don’t throw up? How do you know if you threw up due to the workout or eating too much? What evidence would prove that someone’s results from working out had been or had not been connected to nausea or muscle pain? Most ‘hard core’ gyms, in fact, base their reputation and credibility on such ideas which completely fall apart when exposed to a little rationality.

Come on Red guy, no pain no gain!

 The undeclared claim has the advantage that virtually any evidence found could be interpreted as validation of their claim, and for that reason it is especially popular among diet books and special shake diet plans who claim top secret science or magic fat loss powers.


For example, the liquid or Protein shake Diet. This concept has been around for centuries; yes I know the website said this is new diet technology. But they probably either never heard of William the Conqueror, or were not forced to have random diet knowledge injected into their brains like I was about his liquid diet back in 1087.


So there is nothing very ‘cutting edge’ about this approach. It’s the same spiel every time:


Our patent-pending nutritional shake helps your body eliminate toxins, absorb essential nutrients; gives you essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Helping your body to shed stored fat, reduce free radical damage. Your body will be in better health; less likely to suffer from heart disease, heart attacks, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer, alien attack, near sightedness, hammer toe, etc.


By the way, I spoke with a person who does legal work for dieticians. He told me patenting a shake doesn’t mean it’s special. It means it can’t be lab tested or investigated by another company or independent lab.  Now why wouldn’t a company want their nutritional claims about a shake tested by an independent lab? Hmmm.


Any way back on topic, it’s always the same deal, you replace one or more of your daily meals with their shake and weight magically comes off! Any and all success is then attribute to the shake and its special ingredients. Couldn’t possibly be because:

  1. By planning to have the shake you are actually more mindful of your eating and eat less.(1)
  2. Your mindfulness also contributes to you eating healthier, after all that’s what you got the shake for.
  3. You are now eating less calories you then you did before due to replacing a meal with the shake.


Nope it’s all because of the shake and the ingredients that they searched all over the world for just to bring to you.

Part 3 coming up


Keep Fitness Groovy

Coach W

1)  Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think by Brian Wansink

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Politics are never healthy

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Most people don’t talk to me about politics. I have friends on both sides of the political spectrum, and neither likes talking with me about the issues because I ask awkward questions they don’t want to answer.


I don’t do it on purpose, it’s just the way my mind works as a coach.


People are often surprised I am against a junk food tax.

I get that, after all I am a fat loss coach. Why would I want the evil junk food around? It’s not that I’m for junk food in any way; it’s that I don’t have great faith in my government’s structure to understand what junk food is?


Also, even if they did it would never be about the actual food or scientific evidence. It would be about lobbyist and emotional feelings, never logic.


One can just watch the movie ‘Fat Head’ and see clear examples of government officials purposely disregarding scientists who they personally call in for their knowledge and advice, and going with their ‘gut instinct’ instead.


What we eat seems to be getting used more and more as political statement, and not even one that makes sense.


For example it might sound good when a politician says he wants to ban soda, after all it’s those sugary drinks making people fat. But when you step back and consider 8oz of soda has 26 grams of sugar, and 8oz of orange juice has 27 grams of sugar. Which one is actually worse?

Oh, and keep it mind the same companies selling the soda, are the same ones selling the bottled water, juice, sports drinks, etc.


So what good does it do to ban soda again?


This is why I don’t like the junk food tax. It’s more of the concept of what looks good on paper. Then what is actually cost effective or helpful.


Let’s just take a base look at logic shall we. This is usually how a conversation on the junk food tax goes with me. I ask the person to answer just some simple questions

What is the believed idea behind the junk food tax?

If junk food is more expensive, people will make healthier choices because the healthier food will be cheaper in comparison.

OK, so why is junk food cheap to begin with?

The main ingredient sugar or High fructose corn syrup is cheap.

And why is sugar or corn cheap?

Because it’s subsidized

And where does the money for subsidies come from?

Taxpayer money.

So what you’re telling me is we want people to pay more money for food that their tax dollars already make cheap?

. . . . . . . . . . . oh, yeah.

How many were you aware of?

Granted changes do have to be made with our society. Just be sure to not jump to conclusions until you actually consider the path you are on.


The same thing happens in fitness all the time. So many people jump on one concept and think that is all there is to fitness. Or make a pre judging idea based on one experience never considering what else there could be.


A good example of this is Pilates. A wonderful method of fitness, but make no mistake about it. Resistance or weight lifting exercise is superior to Pilates in every way imaginable in every situation imaginable.


Now a proud Pilates practitioner might take offense to that. And chances are the reason being their only concept of weightlifting comes from body building.


Whereas I, in my experience classify all forms of exercise under resistance exercise

  • Olympic Lifting
  • Power Lifting
  • Kettle Bells
  • Bands
  • Sand Bags
  • Cables
  • Body Weight Exercises
  • Clubs, Medicine Balls, etc

When you stack them up using that perspective; considering the whole path being covered it’s easier to see what I’m talking about. And though one might still choose Pilates as their personal preference, it’s no longer an issue worthy of heated argument.


In the end food should be about health, not political beliefs. But if you’re up for my questions, I’m always willing to listen. 😉


Keep Fitness Groovy

Coach W

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Marketing Muscle Mathematics

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OK, I personally have chosen, to make it a point not to knock any one in my industry unless they are harming people


Regardless of the outlandish marketing claims they make I will not put them down or insult them.  And I will hold to that choice because i feel more people in the fitness industry should do the same, as well as more people.


That said, I have seen some impressive number play in many a marketing swing for a product. This is just awe inspiring.  I mean the stones you have to have; the unyielding confidence to put something like this out there is just… impressive.


I am not going to name the company, I’m not out to bad mouth any one.  This just is such an extreme yet classic example of how supplement marketing can be.  I can’t pass the opportunity to share.


In fact the next time someone asks me about, or knocks another supplement company claiming they are shady.  I will show them this example and if they are not more creative with their numbers than this company.  I will advise them to get some perspective, and top wasting their time complaining and focus on actually helping people.

Now to set this up, here’s the concept.  They are explaining how much nutrition is one of their shakes.

And I loosely quote ‘to match the nutrition in one of their shakes you would need to eat’…



Wait why can’t I just eat the chicken for protein and B12?

Who gets their calcium from frozen yogurt?

Please note they never say how much zinc that is.

Show of hands how many know what Pantothenic acid is for or how much they currently get?

Why would I get my minerals from only these foods again?

Wait… why would I drink tomato juice and then eat more tomatoes?

 So to get the same nutrition in their shake you would need to consume over 8000 calories and pend over $100.  Or take in 170 calories and spend less than 2 bucks.  Now that is one tough choice to make.  🙂


Now let me reinforce, nothing in this marketing spiel is a lie.  It’s all 100% true.  It’s just a major play with the numbers.


Seriously though, I almost want to applaud the level of brass you would need to say this with a straight face.


*sigh* I love my industry.  I don’t love everyone in it at times.  But I love my industry, and if you are in the fitness profession, and wonder why no one takes us seriously, well…



Keep Fitness Groovy,

Coach W

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Secret of fat loss

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Hello, welcome to fitosity. Can I help you?


You’re interested in a fat loss program, excellent. That happens to be our specialty. We are actually known as the #1 gym for helping with fat loss and obesity treatment.

Ah, you heard that. And that’s why you’re here. Makes sense, what’s your name?



Well nice to meet you Terri, if you like we can take a tour and… I’m sorry what?

What’s our secret?


Gee Terri, I don’t know we just met but sure, why not, have a seat.


You see Terri, I could tell you what the secret to fat loss success is by running a lot of scientific jargon and studies, and yes they all contribute to the success of our clients. But the big thing that separates us from other fat loss places is something so simple that it gets overlooked by almost every one.


It’s something we make sure every client learns over time. We realize no one else talks about this, and we think it’s assumed that everybody knows. And they do actually, but they tend to glaze over it and not realize how important it is.

Maybe more people would stick to their workout and nutrition programs if they did.


Everyone starts a fat loss program due to a specific need. Face it, you have to have a certain mind set coming in to purposely make yourself sweat, gasp for air, and overall make yourself uncomfortable for a long term reward that you can’t hold in your hands.


There are many marketing pitches out there who like to let you believe losing fat is easy and can be done in a short time.


Well let me tell you now, it’s not and it can’t.

Sure there are exceptions who knock it out of the park from the get go but +90% of people will make mistakes the first few weeks, months, and on into the first year. You will come in for coaching and metabolic classes with a lot of enthusiasm and willing ness to work, but it will seem like nothing will click.


Every personal athletic success you accomplished before, forget about them. We’re not here to get you back; we’re here to bring the wonderful new you forward.


A lot of people don’t get that, and they quit.


They quit because they are not getting back to the person they were fast enough, which I the wrong mentality. You are not here to get back the past you are here to better embrace and enjoy your future. They keep looking in the mirror looking for that person they used to know. Instead of recognizing the person they could become.


Passed that, everyone sees result differently. Some people can see nothing for a few weeks and then all of a sudden BAM fat jut starts dropping off of them. I’ve even seen it happen after a period of months. Until that happens though it can be frustrating, disheartening, like we have major holes in our game and we are years away from the breakthrough we so desperately want to achieve.


Everyone goes through this. And whether you are just starting your program or are 2 months in you have to realize this is normal and keep at it.


Get a little more explosive behind your lifts, see if you can squeeze out another cycle or rep in your intervals, embrace the journey and ignore the destination.

That’s the trick you see, the embrace of the journey. It sounds silly but thinks about it how often do people go in to a program thinking about losing weight. Or how often do we see some marketing pitch for an insane workout or pill to lose weight. Never do they discuss how they are going to help you keep it off.


You see what you do to lose weight is often not the same thing you will do to keep the weight off. With each passing week, month, year, your body is changing one way or another. And when we started fitosity we made a choice. Our program design will not just be about losing fat, but about building you to a point where you can keep it off and still enjoy all that you want in life.


The only way this can happen is if our clients learn. Not just counting calories or reps. They have to get to know this new body they are going to have. They have to be mentally present during every workout; if they are on auto pilot they will not see as significant of results.


They must embrace a physical culture of strength, balance, and adapt it to fit the life they wish to have. And we as coaches must teach and help them to facilitate that.


Does that answer your question?


Yes and No huh? That’s good actually. I know that may not have been as clear as you like. But trust, as time goes on, it will all become much clearer.


Shall we take the tour now?


Welcome to fitosity

Strength is Glorious!

Keep Fitness Groovy

Coach W

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My 10 Things I wish I could tell a client day 1

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Part of being a coach in my opinion is patience. Lots and lots and… Yeah, lots of patience. You have to remain calm and rational even when the client is not.


Why? You are dealing with a person’s health and wellbeing. There is nothing more sensitive more personal a subject matter than your own body and how you feel about it. How your joints feel, how you look in and out of your clothes, how you feel you compare among your friends and coworkers, family.


All these items can tie in to a person’s health and body perception, and since as a coach I choose to deal in this avenue, I must tread slightly yet till motivate and encourage. I can be patient about these things because I know in time they will come to learn and understand their own bodies as well as themselves, and it will be a beautiful journey.



There is many a time I admit I wish I could just get a person through the cliff notes version, and spare myself a bit of drama. I find a lot of my colleagues who do coaching feel the same way. So in honor of them let me share my list of things a coach wishes she could tell you on day 1, but cant


1) Life isn’t fair get used to it. Yes we know your friend can eat ANYTHING they want and still look great. Where as you walk by a donut place and gain flab. It sucks, agreed. Thing is. What you call looking great is not what I call looking great. And after meeting your friend I see you are equating skinny with fit.

This goes for men too

2) Skinny doesn’t equal fit. If you want the body of a 12 year old boy you’re in the wrong place.


3) Stop telling us you’re worried about weights making you bulky. Weights don’t make you bulky. Eating poorly while lifting weights makes you bulky, because eating poorly makes you bulky, get it?


4) We don’t care what Dr Oz says. No seriously, we really, REALLY don’t care what Dr Oz says about anything.


5) I can’t fix everything wrong with you in 30 days. I’m not sure if there is a nice way to put this. Most people hire a coach after trying everything else. And I do mean everything from Weight watchers, to cleanses, to DVD workouts. Here’s the thing every time you tried to force your body to lose weight and failed you essentially set your body up to be even less responsive toward fat loss. If you have done this for a period of months if not years, copping an attitude because the fat doesn’t melt away instantly in 30 days I kind of stupid and short sighted


6) If you want to see a major transformation you must sacrifice. Yes, we know all kind of people advertise that fat loss is easy and you could do it without giving up your favorite foods or working out hard. It’s just not true. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy. So I really don’t need to hear excuses on how you are addicted to sugar, salt, chocolate, fried foods, you cannot out train bad foods. You are going to have to make a choice on what is more important to you losing the fat or being comfortable all the time. If that seems unfair please see #1


7) You should eliminate “shape” & “tone” from your vocabulary. They are nothing more than buzz words used to sell you something. Your shape I already determined by your skeletal structure and real muscle “tone” comes from lifting heavy weights, not pink dumbbells.


8) Ask me questions. Provided you have a coach/trainer who is doing this because they love it, as opposed to a part time trainer, part times aspiring singer-actress-songwriter-producer-model-real estate mogul- director-professional poker player-app designer. I love talking about the topic of fitness and informing people. So ask way ask 100 questions, it’s ok


9) There is a difference between questioning and contradicting. If you’re going to argue against every suggestion I make there really is no point to me coaching you. And I don’t know of any service professional doctor, lawyer, plumber, etc who would put up with that either. Would you?


10) You’re screwed up, and that’s ok. Did you know statistically only 3 out of 10 who apply for military service qualify for the physical and mental demands? Not to mention it’s been an ongoing problem, since the 1940s. This means odds are when you come to me fat loss is the least of your problems. And that’s ok; you don’t come to a coach because you’re already in shape. It’s ok to cry, be sad, be angry, vent. I’m here to help, and I will if you let me.

bonus – I want to do this with you till the end. Yes, I do this for a living, and you are paying me. Doesn’t mean I don’t care. Chances are I chose this profession because someone helped me or because I wasn’t able to help someone else when I really wanted to. I am passionate about this. And if you will invest yourself into this, I can help you do everything you ever wanted

Keep Fitness Groovy

Coach W

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