Fitness is a science not magic. Rule 1

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Can it be disproven?


It may sound odd but one of the principles behind scientific theory is falsifiability or refutability.


Falsifiability is considered a positive and essential quality of science because it means that an idea or hypothesis is testable and thus conforms to the scientific standards .


That something is “falsifiable” does not mean it is false, rather it means that if it is false, then observation or experiment will at some point demonstrate its falsehood.


Any claim someone makes about fitness, nutrition, should be clearly and easily falsifiable.


I’m adding on ‘easily’ since most fitness marketed out there is for the general public, not elite level athletes. And since that is the case the results should be both falsifiable and easy to explain to general public.


For example if I were to tell you water always boils at 100 degrees Celsius, it is very easy to see if that’s true or false, and fairly simple for you to understand. You don’t need me to explain the laws of thermodynamics to you, for you to check this for yourself.


Refutability is important for a simple reason: If nothing could ever disprove the claim, then the evidence that does exist would not matter. It would become useless to even have proof, because the conclusion is already known.


Which means anything claimed to be true, is meaningless.


It is impossible for any claim to be true no matter what. For every true claim, you can always conceive of evidence that would make the claim false. Even creatine, a supplement with 1000’s of research papers supporting its effects has non-responders.


The two main ways this rule is violated is the undeclared claim and the non-falsifiable statement.

Stay tuned


Keep Fitness Groovy

Coach W


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My 10 Things I wish I could tell a client day 1

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Part of being a coach in my opinion is patience. Lots and lots and… Yeah, lots of patience. You have to remain calm and rational even when the client is not.


Why? You are dealing with a person’s health and wellbeing. There is nothing more sensitive more personal a subject matter than your own body and how you feel about it. How your joints feel, how you look in and out of your clothes, how you feel you compare among your friends and coworkers, family.


All these items can tie in to a person’s health and body perception, and since as a coach I choose to deal in this avenue, I must tread slightly yet till motivate and encourage. I can be patient about these things because I know in time they will come to learn and understand their own bodies as well as themselves, and it will be a beautiful journey.



There is many a time I admit I wish I could just get a person through the cliff notes version, and spare myself a bit of drama. I find a lot of my colleagues who do coaching feel the same way. So in honor of them let me share my list of things a coach wishes she could tell you on day 1, but cant


1) Life isn’t fair get used to it. Yes we know your friend can eat ANYTHING they want and still look great. Where as you walk by a donut place and gain flab. It sucks, agreed. Thing is. What you call looking great is not what I call looking great. And after meeting your friend I see you are equating skinny with fit.

This goes for men too

2) Skinny doesn’t equal fit. If you want the body of a 12 year old boy you’re in the wrong place.


3) Stop telling us you’re worried about weights making you bulky. Weights don’t make you bulky. Eating poorly while lifting weights makes you bulky, because eating poorly makes you bulky, get it?


4) We don’t care what Dr Oz says. No seriously, we really, REALLY don’t care what Dr Oz says about anything.


5) I can’t fix everything wrong with you in 30 days. I’m not sure if there is a nice way to put this. Most people hire a coach after trying everything else. And I do mean everything from Weight watchers, to cleanses, to DVD workouts. Here’s the thing every time you tried to force your body to lose weight and failed you essentially set your body up to be even less responsive toward fat loss. If you have done this for a period of months if not years, copping an attitude because the fat doesn’t melt away instantly in 30 days I kind of stupid and short sighted


6) If you want to see a major transformation you must sacrifice. Yes, we know all kind of people advertise that fat loss is easy and you could do it without giving up your favorite foods or working out hard. It’s just not true. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy. So I really don’t need to hear excuses on how you are addicted to sugar, salt, chocolate, fried foods, you cannot out train bad foods. You are going to have to make a choice on what is more important to you losing the fat or being comfortable all the time. If that seems unfair please see #1


7) You should eliminate “shape” & “tone” from your vocabulary. They are nothing more than buzz words used to sell you something. Your shape I already determined by your skeletal structure and real muscle “tone” comes from lifting heavy weights, not pink dumbbells.


8) Ask me questions. Provided you have a coach/trainer who is doing this because they love it, as opposed to a part time trainer, part times aspiring singer-actress-songwriter-producer-model-real estate mogul- director-professional poker player-app designer. I love talking about the topic of fitness and informing people. So ask way ask 100 questions, it’s ok


9) There is a difference between questioning and contradicting. If you’re going to argue against every suggestion I make there really is no point to me coaching you. And I don’t know of any service professional doctor, lawyer, plumber, etc who would put up with that either. Would you?


10) You’re screwed up, and that’s ok. Did you know statistically only 3 out of 10 who apply for military service qualify for the physical and mental demands? Not to mention it’s been an ongoing problem, since the 1940s. This means odds are when you come to me fat loss is the least of your problems. And that’s ok; you don’t come to a coach because you’re already in shape. It’s ok to cry, be sad, be angry, vent. I’m here to help, and I will if you let me.

bonus – I want to do this with you till the end. Yes, I do this for a living, and you are paying me. Doesn’t mean I don’t care. Chances are I chose this profession because someone helped me or because I wasn’t able to help someone else when I really wanted to. I am passionate about this. And if you will invest yourself into this, I can help you do everything you ever wanted

Keep Fitness Groovy

Coach W

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